Gangsters wrote chilling messages to each other after Tesco car park machine gun deal

A gangster who bought a deadly AK-47 weapon in a Tesco car park has been arrested on the Costa del Sol after police cracked on the highly secret network.

Robert Brazendale, of Warrington, was involved in the delivery of the Uzi submachine gun and ammunition in a separate £10,500 deal.

The 34-year-old is one of seven men sentenced after being caught thanks to Operation Venetic, also known as the EncroChat network, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Hacking the secret network gave the detectives an unprecedented window into the criminal underworld and it turned out to be their undoing.

Another man, Bilal Khan, said the lethal weapon made him “ready for war”.

The National Crime Agency also unearthed a loaded Smith & Wesson pistol, a Grand Power semi-automatic pistol and ammunition.



Khan, 33, known as the ‘legend killer’ on the EncroChat network, said he was excited after images of the weapons were sent to him, the MEN reports.

Brazendale used a red Citroen pickup for the delivery of the deadly AK-47.

And he was responsible for taking £37,000 in cash during a delivery to the Tesco branch car park in Thelwall, Warrington, as part of a deal involving a Skorpion, an Uzi and a revolver.

Chilling messages revealed the detailed plot to ‘fight back’ after Brandon Moore, 24, and Jordan Waring, 23, had been shot in Kersal.

Waring said they had ‘driven’ towards the gunman and were both shot, Moore in the arm and Waring in the back.

Manchester Crown Court listened to messages sent between mobsters


Middle MEN)

Waring and Moore had been released from the hospital, even after sustaining serious injuries. Moore faced the potential risk of having his arm amputated, Manchester Crown Court heard.

They sought the help of arms dealer Umair Zaheer to obtain a weapon as they pursued the gunman.

Zaheer, 34, of Eccles, said they “would” when they knew where he was, adding: “These kids f*ck now.”

Waring responded, “Oh yes, he’s a dead man.”

Zaheer sent Moore a list of firearms available for sale, including two AK-47s and an Uzi.

Moore replied, “Yes, good brother, this boy needs you.”

Mega money gun deal took place in a Tesco car park, police say


echo of Liverpool)

Zaheer said, “He’ll get it bro, just let him get comfortable for a bit, we’ll sneak up on him.”

The plot ultimately came to nothing, Waring returned to the hospital for further treatment and was detained by police in April 2020, with Moore being arrested.

Zaheer was also involved in an arms trafficking plot with ‘close ally’ Khan.

Zaheer sent him a similar list of “relentlessly destructive” firearms and ammunition for sale.

He had conversations with an unknown Encrochat user about what items he would buy.

Prosecutor Tim Storrie QC said: “He said he wished he had more money to buy them all.”

Speaking of his ‘excitement’, he said: “I’m going to be ready for war.”

A £37,000 deal was agreed to buy Uzi and Skorpion submachine guns, as well as a pistol.

National Crime Agency search teams unearthed two guns from the garden of a house in Warrington


echo of Liverpool)

Brazendale acted as courier and driver, handing over the weapons in exchange for cash which was delivered by a courier, Hitesh Patel.

Patel then drove to London, and police recovered the Uzi and Skorpion hidden in a false wall inside a closet at a house in Brent.

Khan also agreed to buy an AK-47, which he picked up on the same occasion from a Tesco car park in Warrington.

He stored it in a shop in Warrington belonging to his uncle, the court heard.

After seizing the AK-47, Khan and Zaheer posed for photos holding it.

About a week after the handover, police raided the premises in Warrington and found the AK-47 hidden in a ceiling void.

The raid was the beginning of the end for Khan and Zaheer.

“Brother, they found it,” Khan said in a message to Zaheer.

“It doesn’t make any sense, but the NCA (National Crime Agency) has that AK,” he added.

Khan was arrested the next day and police searched his home in Didsbury.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” Zaheer told police when he was arrested the next day.

Brazendale, also involved in the delivery of an AK-47 and ammunition in a separate £10,500 deal, was arrested a few days later.

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He was later extradited from Spain to the UK to face justice.

Zaheer, Moore and Waring, all homeless, pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess firearms or ammunition with intent to endanger life.

Zaheer pleaded guilty to a separate conspiracy to possess firearms or ammunition with intent to endanger life, as did Khan, of Mersey Road, Didsbury, along with another man, Patel, 27, of Garden Lane. , Chester.

Brazendale, of Selworthy Drive, Warrington, admitted to conspiring to transfer prohibited weapons.

Zaheer and another man, Lewis Coleman, 23, of Pendlecroft Avenue, Swinton, also admitted drug offenses and both pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply cocaine.

Zaheer pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply cannabis and Coleman pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply ketamine.

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