Gangster Ian ‘Blink’ MacDonald backtracks on sit down with hood Paul Ferris over fears of ‘interrogation’

A planned podcast showdown between notorious ex-gangland figures Paul Ferris and Ian ‘Blink” MacDonald has been axed.

The former pals had been arranging to sit down with Shaun Attwood’s True Crime Podcast on June 12 following a long-running feud between them.

Ferris was recently issued with a challenge by convicted bank robber MacDonald, who wanted the former crime boss to appear on his own YouTube channel.

The 58-year-old said he would decline the offer for both “business and personal reasons” but revealed that the two were already due to come face to face within weeks.

Ian ‘Blink’ MacDonald

However, MacDonald, 61, has now pulled out of the planned showdown over claims he was facing an “interrogation” rather than an interview.

He said: “I’ve knocked them back. I said I’m not doing it. I’m not jumping to his demands from him.

“I’m not doing an interrogation. That’s not the way you do an interview.”

After a Daily Record article featuring MacDonald’s ‘showdown challenge’, Ferris asked his large Twitter following whether he should do a sit down chat with MacDonald.

I have tweeted: “The court of public opinion carries sufficient weight here on social media. It’s not in need of productions/evidence as in criminal courts.

“In short should I do a podcast with Blink or not?”

He added: “Shaun (Attwood) needs to confirm or I will arrange another venue. I did have a previous slot agreed last November. Blink was too ill to attend.

“I rescheduled it – Over to both Shaun and Blink now.”

Shaun Attwood responded and confirmed that MacDonald had pulled out.

Ferris responded: “Thanks for the reply Shaun. As for making his situation clear to the Daily Record, unfortunately, as you know, I don’t work for them and he could have contacted you directly too.

“Probs best we call it a day and move on. Best wishes and good luck to you too.”

MacDonald and Ferris (pictured) fell out more than two decades ago
MacDonald and Ferris (pictured) fell out more than two decades ago

MacDonald and Ferris fell out more than two decades ago and have been embroiled in a war of words ever since.

They recently came face to face after Blink stormed the stage at his former pal’s A Night With Paul Ferris: The Final Chapter event in Glasgow last month.

In a statement to the Daily Record, Shaun Attwood said that he continues to have an open door for the two men to sit down together.

He said: “Towards the end of last year, I had arranged a podcast to be broadcast on my YouTube channel whereby they were scheduled to sit down together after 20 years.

“Unfortunately, due to illness and COVID restrictions, it was postponed. The offer still stands: I have an open door for them to come on my podcast.

“Due to the recent media interest, I’m inundated with requests on my social media for this to happen.

“If it does happen, I’m unable to predict the course of the conversation, but I will do my best to maintain respect and civility.

“Anything can happen during a podcast and that’s one of the reasons that the viewers tune in.

“Also, from reading his book, Scotland’s Wildest Bank Robber, I suspect that Blink is well versed in counter-interrogation techniques.”

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