Furious revellers knocked back from Stormzy’s Hydro gig after venue ‘ran out of wristbands’

Furious revellers have hit out after they were denied access to Stormzy’s gig at Glasgow’s Hydro after the venue “ran out of wristbands”.

Angry fans of the grime artist were left fizzing after paying nearly £180 for legitimate tickets to see the concert before being refused entry at the door last night.

Several people have told how their tickets were scanned, gaining them entry to through the front doors.

But as they were not issued with the wristband, which is required for the venue, punters were not allowed into their section.

Others reported chaotic scenes as wristbandless revellers allegedly “tried to grab the bands off others”.

Karine McGowan told the Record: “My daughter and her two friends paid £180 to see Stormzy at the Hydro in Glasgow tonight but weren’t allowed in because they weren’t issued with wristbands.

“They battled it out for two hours but left upset and angry. Everyone was people complaining about not getting wristbands.

“The staff were no help at all and it’s a lot of money to waste and a huge disappointment to teenagers, especially through difficult economically and mentally challenging.

“They should have been given the wristband when their tickets were scanned but they were letting some of them in after scanning their ticket and never gave them a band.

The Hydro in Glasgow

“The fans wouldn’t even have known they should have got a wristband when going in.”

Another reveller Cerys Gamble reported similar issues.

Cerys says she was handed the last two wristbands after explaining to security they had traveled a long way to see the gig.

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She said after going to the toilet, security noticed they did not have wristbands and refused re-entry back into the main performance area.

Cerys told the Record: “Me and my partner started queuing at 6.30pm and we didn’t get in there until after 7pm.

“When it came to us getting our tickets scanned we got in but weren’t handed wristbands.

“We tried to then go into the toilets next to the standing doors and the security were very rude and told us we could not get in without a wristband.

“At this point we had no idea we even needed a wristband.

“I went out to speak to a security guard at the front door who said he could not give me wristbands as I was already inside.

“I then spoke to the security guard who scanned my tickets and said she couldn’t help me as my tickets had previously been scanned when I first entered the building.

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“I explained to her why this was and she still refused to help me – I offered to show my ID and everything but still would not help me.

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“It wasn’t until I explained we had came from far and I wasn’t paying all this money to not get in that we then got the last two wristbands.

“After this I went inside I put my wristband on and waited on my partner coming out of the toilet. I had her wristband in my hand and people were coming up to me begging to have it.

“Someone actually tried to grab the wristband from my hands.

“It was so understaffed and the staff that were there were so incredibly rude and unhelpful.

“We missed the support act due to not getting any help and having to deal with the wristband situation ourselves. It makes me really worried for concerts we have coming up in the Hydro now as the staff were so bad.”

Writing online, Agnes Donnelly added: “My daughter and her friend have been refused entry because their tickets were apparently scanned already.

“This is absolutely disgusting and disappointing. I hope this will be investigated as I am now out of pocket with a very disappointed daughter!”

On Twitter, Suzanne Barton asked: “Why did lots of people get turned away from Stormzy last night with valid tickets?

“There was an issue with wristbands and security were horrible and turning people away. My daughter was so upset.”

An SEC spokesperson said: “We are aware of the small number of social media posts which have appeared in relation to the Stormzy event.

“We would urge anyone who feels they’ve been wrongfully denied entry to get in touch via our website, and we will investigate this as a matter of urgency.”

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