Furious man had neighbour’s car towed after they blocked his driveway

Neighbors and car parking are two things that can end up causing some tension.

One man was forced to take drastic action after his neighbor started to act up by intentionally blocking his driveway.

He got his revenge by having their car towed away, but has now sought advice on whether or not he acted reasonably, The Mirror reports.

The issue emerged recently when his next-door neighbors had a baby, and he made a conscious effort to ensure that they were not disturbed.

This included stopping playing his drums after 6pm, soundproofing his home and not hosting guests outdoors after 6pm.

But as he explained on Reddit – his garage is next door to the neighbour’s bedroom where their baby sleeps.

He’s fallen out with his neighbors (Stock Image)

He wrote: “I’ve got a roller door which beeps quietly four times within 20 seconds of me arriving home and pushing the button. It’s so quiet that at times I can’t hear it when sitting in the room adjacent to the garage when my partner comes home.

“I get home from work at 11pm and put my car in the garage. A couple of weeks ago my neighbor approached me and asked if I could wait until the morning to put my car away, but I declined as there have been break ins to cars on our street lately.

“My car is also one that is targeted by thieves a lot as parts are expensive, and it’s an enthusiasts car. I apologized but was firm when telling her that I will not, under any circumstances, leave my car out overnight.”

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He returned home recently to find his neighbor’s car blocking his drive – so he had it towed. Now they are at loggerheads and it’s causing further issues.

The man wrote: “Today (Saturday) I decided to play my drums around lunchtime in my soundproofed rumpus room. You can only hear minimal vibration from the kick from the outside, but it’s at the rear of my property and quite far away from any neighbors but they still had something to say.

“The wife came over and basically said she had put up with my noise for long enough and that she was exhausted due to the kid never sleeping thanks to the noise I make.

“I was definitely still miffed about the driveway blocking situation from the other night and snapped a little, telling her that I’d been considerate enough and already made concessions in terms of noise.

“I said that while it’s within my right to play music up until 10 pm in our council, I’ve cut myself off at 6 pm in consideration of her and her kid. I said that from now on she’ll have to get over it because I was done catering to her and her family.”

After asking if he was in the wrong, many sided with him. One wrote: “It sounds like you’ve been very reasonable and you’re allowed to live your life. They chose to have the baby. Surely they knew things might wake it up?”

Another wrote: “They need to get used to a normal level of noise when sleeping. Obviously don’t vacuum the room they’re in but a neighbor’s garage door is something they should be able to sleep through.”

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A third added: “Not that it’s a good excuse but she probably is exhausted and this is one of those “need something to blame” kind of things.

“She is probably fixated on you and your “noise” because it’s something that’s right next door and something she can directly “attack” in a manner of speaking.

“It sounds as if she’s unlucky enough to have one of those babies that just doesn’t sleep much, or well. That’s not your fault though.”

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