Furious Brits want Conservatives gone as Rishi Sunak confirms nearly £700 power bill hike

Angry and fearful Britons have claimed it is “time to get rid of the Conservatives” as they were shocked by news of rising energy bills amid a cost of living crisis.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak addressed the nation after energy regulator Ofgem confirmed that the price cap increase will see the average UK household bill rise by nearly £700.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Thursday, he promised Britons would get a £150 council tax refund and a £200 discount on their energy bill to manage rising costs.

But the British criticized Sunak for disguising the £200 loan as “a discount”, stressing that it must be repaid in installments of £40 over the next five years.

Business owner Michelle James, 39, who owns Rise and Grind in Wirral, Merseyside, said: “I have my own business so I’m paying taxes on that, broadband just went up £20 a month , everything is going up.

Michelle says she is already struggling to repay the government for the loans it gave her to cope with the Covid lockdowns



“I have a restaurant and beauty salon and we took the government recovery loans to help us get through covid but now I have to pay them back at £900 a month.

“It’s all very well giving money to help people during these difficult times, but soon they want their money back and then you’re back in the same position. It’s just a loan.

“As a business, we are still struggling because nobody goes out to eat or drink, we are on JustEat and that is the only thing that keeps us afloat.”

The confirmed rise in energy bills came just hours before the Bank of England confirmed a 0.5 per cent rise in interest rates, and will take effect at the same time as a 12 per cent rise in the National Insurance tax in April.

But the pinch is getting even tighter as the UK inflation rate hit a 30-year high and analysts predict energy bills will jump another £400 in October.

Furious Britons have called on the Conservatives to go on claiming that the handling of public money has been ‘appalling’


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Many have shared their fears for first-time shoppers and seniors who believe they will be forced to make a “heat and eat” choice, as low-income people feel the most pressure.

Christine Nightingale, 68, a retired bookmaker from Liverpool, Merseyside, pays £69 a month on her energy bill but expects it to rise in the coming weeks.

She said: “The block where we live is full of retirees and they have raised the rent.

“Most of the people there only have pension credit, I don’t know how they manage to live.

“There is no insulation, all our money is spent on heating and it goes straight through the walls and ceiling.

“I really care and feel for older people who need heating to survive because people will be forced to choose between heating their homes or eating.

Christine worries about her son, who is still forced to rent at 38 because of the cost of living.



“I also feel sorry for my son, he rents at the moment but is trying to climb the property ladder.

“He’s been saving up to buy a place and fix it up, but now all his savings will be spent on energy bills and I think a lot of young people will have a hard time getting on the property ladder if he continues like this.

“It’s time to get rid of the Tories.”

Marvin Williams, 40, said he had to rely on food banks through the winter, as well as receiving support from the National Energy Action charity to help pay his bills.

Mr Williams, from Manchester, said: “During the winter I have literally been living in one room just to try to keep warm.

“If I had to put all the storage heaters in the other room to try to keep myself constantly warm throughout the day, it just wouldn’t be feasible.”

Many say the elderly and vulnerable will be forced to choose whether to ‘heat or eat’


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Mr. Williams has reduced movement due to degenerative arthritis and is currently unemployed.

He described the 54 percent increase as “absolutely disgusting” and said it left him worried about what was to come.

Williams said: “I just don’t feel confident about the future anyway because it’s obviously going to get even harder, isn’t it?

“The future is pretty bleak right now.”

Retired cleaner, Ian Hughes, 60, lives on disability benefits with his sister in Liverpool, Merseyside.

He said, “The difference when you get benefits is you can’t ask your boss for more money to manage cost of living, and you can’t just try to find better paying jobs if you can’t.” job.

“We haven’t had as many problems with bills so far, we’ve already seen the increase in our energy bill and it’s been very difficult.

Ian says those receiving disability benefits like his sister are at an even greater disadvantage as the crisis deepens.



“I hated Margaret Thatcher, but she looks brilliant compared to this Tory government. It makes me angry when you read about how people died while having parties.

“The solution is a Labor government. We need the Tories out.”

For others, the devastating impact of rising bills has been compounded by “criminal” mishandling of public money and outrageous accusations of parties at Number 10 during lockdown.

Billie Hughes, 67, a retired plasterer from Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “These energy price increases mean a lot to a lot of people. Many people are going to suffer.

“That £200 discount on your energy bill is not a discount, it’s a loan, you have to pay it back in installments of £40. If they make loans, they put people further into debt in an economic crisis.

“I don’t think many people realize that at the same time there’s also the national insurance tax increase, which is going to be a huge impact.

Interest rates, inflation, national insurance tax and energy bills are rising


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“They should be held accountable for the way they manage public money.

“This £8.7bn they have wasted on PPE and the £4.3bn they have written off on fraudulent Covid claims is criminal when you consider that the average taxpayer energy bill is rising by almost £700 as well as everything else. ”

Fred Meredith, 77, a retired engineer from Runcorn, Cheshire, added: “I think what makes it so disappointing is when you read about all the money that has been wasted on PPE, it’s appalling.

“I think it’s really disappointing that the people who are supposed to be the experts at buying and selling have been almost panic buying.

“It is obvious that the taxpayer has to pay the bill. It will also affect Boris because he will no longer be able to afford his parties.”

Now more and more former Tory voters say they will not vote Conservative again.

Will Hart, 24, a veterinary medicine student from Banbury, Oxforshire, said: “I voted Conservative until I was 20 because I voted like my parents did, but I won’t vote Conservative again.

Wiil used to vote Conservative, but after the parties and the poor spending of public money have left a bad taste in people’s mouths, he votes Labor or the Liberal Democrats.



Sandy is terrified more people will become homeless as they struggle to cope.



“We’re lucky this year because our bills are included in the rent and the rent hasn’t gone up for us, but I think a lot of people’s rents have.

“I think the way the Tories have been treating their friends and all these parties during lockdown without obeying the rules has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.”

Retired waitress Sandy Hughes, 78, from Liverpool, Merseyside, fears the rising cost of living will force many more onto the streets.

She said: “I have two daughters and I have to help them because they are struggling.

“When I see the number of homeless people on the street, my heart goes out to them and this cost of living crisis is only going to force more people into that situation.”


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