Fuming residents who ‘can’t park in front of their homes’ slam new restrictions amid parking chaos


Residents have voiced their frustrations with new parking restrictions brought in close to a new development – and say it could leave them unable to park in front of their homes. It comes following issues of ‘chaotic parking’ blocking access to a development site in Monton.

The new development, in the process of being built close to Monton Road, has seen numerous incidents of ‘inconsiderate and obstructive’ parking, a Salford Council report said. It says cars have blocked access to the site.

The authority has since implemented ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions, alongside the introduction of residents’ parking permits, to combat the problems and ensure safe access for all vehicles, including bin wagons and other service and emergency service vehicles.

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The report said demand for parking is ‘high’ in the area and the restrictions were necessary to stop the dangerous parking. “Estos [restrictions] will protect the new development access points and also stop parking on the blind bend, at the southern end of Lansdowne Road. Any parking on or close to the bend forces cars onto the wrong side of the road, with little or no forward visibility, therefore creating a hazard for road users.”

But a number of residents in the area have objected to these restrictions – and say parking issues only came about when work on the new development started. They say it would mean they could not park in front of their own homes, especially if they did not have parking permits.

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Sign at Lansdowne Road in Monton, Salford urging residents not to park inconsiderately
Sign at Lansdowne Road in Monton, Salford urging residents not to park inconsiderately

Jamie Christian, a resident at Lansdowne Road, said: “I was concerned with where I was going to park my car. I feel like we are being forgotten about here.

“It has only been an issue for the last year – since the development was started. When I decide to get a new car I have all this to contend with, I have had a few people bump into me reversing out.

“It is annoying that we are getting pushed further down the road and can’t park in front of our houses.” The 34-year-old suggested that the land in front of the housing could be made into suitable parking, but his biggest concern was for disabled access.

The parking has been described as chaotic in the day with all the workmen, and the situation does not change at night because ‘everyone has come home from work’.

Development site at Foundry close in Monton, opposite Lansdowne Road
Development site at Foundry close in Monton, opposite Lansdowne Road

Another Lansdowne Road resident, Sue Royale, 61, said: “My partner has to park in another car park around the corner which is unfair on those residents as they do not have much space for their cars. It has been an issue since they started building really.

“People are getting annoyed now. Some residents have carers here and they have to park around the corner which can reduce the time they have with the patient.

“It’s just ridiculous in the day and night because it is packed with cars. It just used to be trees and now it’s flats looking into your kitchen. I never imagined I would see that.”

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Five objections had been sent in to the council over the new restrictions. Reacting to this, the council has reduced the kerbline areas with double yellow lines from 10 meters to five meters.

Mike McCusker, lead member for Planning and Sustainable Development, said: “Residents are concerned about losing their ability to park in front of their homes. This is particularly about the parking on bends and stopping access to the industrial estate.

“I am going to recommend this should go ahead given we will reassess the situation once the development is complete.” The roads included in this proposal are Lansdowne Road, Foundry Close and Carlton Street.


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