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The JxCAT candidate will not be invested as president of the Generalitat in the first vote, since the CUP has opted for abstention.


The candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Jordi Turull, has reached out to the King and the Government to dialogue and, given the announced blockade of the CUP, has called for the unity of sovereignty to “get rid of the clutches of 155”, without making allusions to the construction of a Catalan republic.

Turull delivered an hour-long speech at the start of an investiture session marked by the CUP decision that he is going to abstain, which will make his choice impossible today, on the eve of the vistilla before the Supreme Court to which he must go tomorrow and in which it is played to be able to enter provisional prison again.

Prior to this appointment, the candidate of Junts per Catalunya (JxCAT) has offered “dialogue, dialogue and dialogue” to the State to try to resolve the political conflict in Catalonia, and has remarked that this “outstretched hand” is addressed “to the Head of State and the Head of Government.”

Turull reaches out to Rajoy for a dialogue “from Government to Government”

Turull has wondered in this context “why should not dialogue and negotiation be possible” between the President of the Generalitat who manages to be invested and the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, a dialogue “from government to government”.

According to Turull, dialogue “does not mean weakness or resignation”, rather it is “the best way to move forward”, but “until now we have not been wanted or listened to,” he said, “because the State has responded with” threats. “and” repression “of the independence movement.

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He has defended that only “progress is made with dialogue and acceptance of the democratic mandate that emerged” at the polls, after the absolute independence majority of the past 21-D, and added: “There is no democratic alternative to democracy itself, the alternative to democracy it is tyranny. “

In his speech, Turull has made no references to the Catalan republic that the sovereignists intend to build, nor has he detailed any concrete steps to advance towards the goal of independence, after the unilateral declaration that he supported on October 27.

He did recall the October 1 referendum by stating that that day the independentists “won at the polls” and that now it is time to “correspond and be worthy” with the result.

Turull calls for unity to the sovereignist forces to get rid “of the clutches of 155”

In view of the announced abstention of the CUP that makes its inauguration impossibleTurull has launched a “message of tranquility, security and trust” and has called for sovereignty to be “worthy of the present and to demand from us what only depends on us,” he added.

“Being loyal to what Catalonia asks of us, we will overcome all difficulties, no matter how great,” he continued, and stressed that “together” they will be able to get rid “of the clutches of article 155 and open a clear, clean and bright future”.

Before his appearance tomorrow in the Supreme Court, Turull has assured that assumes the “risk” of being invested President of the Generalitat for “dignity”.

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The JxCat candidate has had words of remembrance towards the sovereignists imprisoned or who have left Spain to avoid being arrested, and has stressed that he assumes “the charge” of the investiture “with all the consequences.”

In his speech, Turull has outlined various proposals that his Government will make if it is invested and can exercise, with the following axes: the restoration of the institutions and end 155; social progress for “a single people”; economic prosperity based on entrepreneurship and not speculation; the exterior projection; and shared governance with economic and social agents.


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