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In 2019, Atresmedia took a step forward with the renewal of its digital platform, since then a key element in the group’s global strategy. It was already clear that the present and the future of the traditional television model had to adapt and bet on the coexistence of the classic model of linear channels and a powerful video-on-demand service to satisfy the needs of viewers who, more and more, preferred to be their own programmers and choose what, when, where and how to watch each program. Thanks to Atresplayer Premium, the media group has been able to launch productions aimed at specific audiences and explore different paths that do not always have an easy fit on mainstream television. That bet has grown, and two and a half years after that moment, Atresplayer Premium, which at the end of September had 418,000 subscribers, announced this Monday its largest in-house production bet so far at a gala in Madrid at the They presented a barrage of news.

Thus, Atresplayer Premium wants to expand the solid base on which its commitment is based, which has one of its main foundations in its own production (in addition to the offer of the group’s open channels without advertising and on demand). Titles like Poison, #Luimelia, the return of Physics or Chemistry, Cardo Y Drag Race España They have helped her to settle among the public and to be able to speak one-to-one with international platforms. “Our idea is not to compete with multinationals,” says José Antonio Antón, Atresmedia’s deputy director of content. “We think that the offer of these platforms is based on developing content that is almost always thought of in a very global market. We bet on the local and we have the advantage of Spanish. We want to be the benchmark platform for local content in Spanish ”, he told EL PAÍS a few hours before the presentation this Monday.

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An image from the first season of 'Venom'.
An image from the first season of ‘Venom’.

Among them, the seven new projects announced stand out, which are in different stages of development and will still take some time to see the light of day. After many rumors, it is finally official that the dance academy of A step forward reopens its doors with UPA Next, which will take up the universe of the series that between 2002 and 2005 starred in Antena 3 Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Beatriz Luengo, Mónica Cruz and Lola Herrera. This stage will feature some of the characters from the Antena 3 series and additions to try to attract nostalgic fans of those times and new viewers. Another return will be that of Poison: dressed in blue, a continuation of the acclaimed series created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi to continue delving into the legend and legacy of Cristina Ortiz. Both projects are in their early stages and the platform has not yet provided further details.

The playwright and screenwriter Miguel del Arco (Trial of a bitch) is responsible for The nights of Tefía, a series that will delve into a Francoist concentration camp in Fuerteventura that in the fifties and sixties welcomed those convicted by the law of vagrants and crooks and which from 1954 included homosexuals. The plot will add an almost magical point when the prisoners, to escape from the nightmare in which they live, invent an imaginary cabaret. Bitches will adapt the first novel by journalist Noemí Casquet into a series about friendship, self-love and sex. Camilo Superstar will try to escape the traditional biopic to focus on a specific stage in the life of Camilo Sesto, the time in which he stopped his meteoric career to produce and star in a musical that he saw in London and that will mark a before and after in his life. Álvaro Carmona (People talking) is responsible for Ana &, about the assistant of one of the most famous artists on the planet who will have to change her life if she does not want to disappear. In addition, the platform is preparing a documentary about Tino Casal.

On the other hand, Atresplayer Premium announced new seasons for Cardo, one of the last phenomena cult seriesphiles, Y The Protected: The Return. He also added proper names to some of the productions he already has underway. The adaptation of The gypsy bride, the novel by Carmen Mola, will star Nerea Barros, while The route It will have Àlex Moner, Ricardo Gómez, Claudia Salas, Elisabet Casanovas and Guillen Babosa in its cast. The documentary will also arrive in the coming months Pajares & CIA, fiction series Age of anger Y Two years and one day, the docuseries on real crimes Do not tell anybody and the second edition of Drag Race España.

Nerea Barros, star of 'The gypsy bride'.
Nerea Barros, star of ‘The gypsy bride’.Jaime Massieu

Faced with the few projects that the platform has launched in the previous two and a half years, the flood of productions announced now is surprising. This acceleration is explained, according to Antón, by a faster-than-expected growth in the number of subscribers, which has made it possible to increase the rate of production. “This presentation gives an idea that this is a very serious, very ambitious project and we want to reinforce the idea, which we have already demonstrated, that there is space for a national platform that works on content that other platforms may not be doing at the moment. They cannot do the same as us ”, explains the manager.

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