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Publishers have continued to release television-related titles in recent months. Essays, novels about to be adapted or recently released on television in the form of miniseries and even illustrated books are connected with series such as Conversations between friends, Alaska Doctor, Nine Perfect Strangers, The wonderful Mrs. Maisel Y Modern Love.

1. Series to define an epoch

Author: Alberto Nahum García Martínez.

Editorial: Eunsa Editions.

Format: 296 pages. 19.90 euros for the paper edition and 12.90 euros for the electronic edition.

The author of this essay understands television fiction as a way of defining the times in which we live. With this work he seeks to reflect on the cultural parameters projected by the series of the last decade and a half. It analyzes 58 titles from a not only technical or artistic point of view, but also from an anthropological, cultural and political point of view. In this list are the basic classics that appear in the list of the best of this century, such as The Wire Y Mad Men; cult series, like The Leftovers Y Justified; and, great popular phenomena that everyone has talked about as Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, Y Stranger Things.

2. The ‘yellow Simpson’ as a universal language

Author: Ricardo Cabbage.

Editorial: Lunwerg Publishers.

Format: 272 pages. 24.50 euros.

Ricardo Cavolo’s latest book is not an anthology about The Simpson nor does it summarize or analyze the successful animated series. It is, in fact, one of the personal works of the Salamanca illustrator based on one of the great inspirations of his life. And in that of so many others. The world created by Matt Groening is only the first step for the author to unfold a broad map of emotions that the vast majority of readers of this book will understand thanks to the universality of the long-lived animated comedy. Because for the one who is one of the current Spanish artists with the greatest international projection, The Simpson they have become a language of their own and the color yellow a global language.

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3. Sally Rooney, a ‘creator’ of miniseries

Author: Sally Rooney.

Editorial: Literatura Random House.

Format: 336 pages. 18.91 paper edition, 8.54 euros electronic edition and 14.39 euros in audiobook.

Translation: Ana García Casadesús.

We recover the first novel by Sally Rooney before the arrival in 2022 of its television adaptation. It will do so after the success of Normal People, the revelation series of the summer of the pandemic that put the Starzplay platform on the map before the Spanish viewer. In Conversations between friends, romantic relationships are more massive although just as complex as in Normal People. The young Irish writer debuted with a reflection on freedom and purity (and the absence of it) in a story set in the artistic bohemia of her country.

4. The story behind a cult classic: ‘Doctor in Alaska’

Author: Michael Samuel.

Editorial: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Format: 208 pages. 36.5 euros for paper edition and 25.44 for digital edition.

This book reviews the trajectory of the cult series Alaska Doctor, its characters, the vicissitudes of the production of its 110 episodes, the response of the critics and the city where it was filmed, acting as the fictional Cicely, in the nineties.

5. Another adaptation in serial format

Author: Liane Moriarty.

Editorial: Sum of Letters.

Format: 552 pages. 18.91 paper edition, 7.59 euros electronic edition, 9.54 euros paperback edition and 17.99 euros in audiobook.

Translation: Jesus de la Torre.

This is another adaptation of a well-known author for lovers of miniseries. This time, the result is already released. The visual version of Nine Perfect Strangers Liane Moriarty arrived in August 2021 on Amazon Prime Video with Nicole Kidman leading the cast and acting as producer. In this novel, romance novelist Frances Welty arrives at the luxurious Tranquillum House spa with a bad back and a broken heart and promises to be as good as new in just 10 days. The reality is very different in this text from the also author of Big Little Lies (HBO Max).

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6. From newspaper to screen

Author: Daniel Jones.

Editorial: Diana Editorial.

Format: 288 pages. € 17.95 paper edition and € 7.99 digital edition.

Translation: José Carlos Ramos.

The Spanish edition of the selection of real stories of love, loss and reconciliation published in The New York Times in recent years. A young woman goes through the five stages of mourning when she is ghosting. A widower wonders if he should introduce his new girlfriend to his children. A young woman with bipolar disorder experiences the comings and goings of love. A dying woman writes a letter to find a new partner for her husband… Many of these stories have fed the Amazon Prime Video anthology series of the same name for two seasons.

Other titles to consider

Be a screenwriter. How to make a living writing screenplays. Screenwriter David Esteban, who has worked on shows like Whoever that fails and in series like Boat, gives some writing tips in this text.

Streaming Wars. Elena Neira explains in an informative key how we watch TV today. From the rise of Netflix to the new television DNA.

– In English: Madly Marvelous: The Costumes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The costume designer of one of Amazon Prime Video’s most celebrated series composes a highly visual guide to her work.

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