From 81 deaths per week from covid in the CAV to 18




On December 1, 2020, there were 564 positives, 491 admitted to the ward and 129 to the ICUs. Just one year later, with 91% of the target population vaccinated, the data are these: 1,361 positive, 207 admitted to the ward and 55 in the ICU.

The Basque Autonomous Community entered this Friday, again, in state of health emergency due to covid-19. After less than two months since she had been called off, he worsening of most indicators has caused the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, to decide to re-implement the state of health crisis, recover the LABI and the possibility of decreeing restrictions.

The situation, although much better than many European countries, is not the desirable one: the CAV has, together with Navarra, the worst epidemiological situation in the entire State. It has a cumulative incidence of 577 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days, when the state average is 248.

Nevertheless, cumulative incidence does not currently cause the same effect than a year ago. And what is the difference? The irruption of the covid-19 vaccine. The 90.1% of those over 12 years of age with CAV are fully immunized and 91.7% have at least one dose.

Thanks to the important vaccination coverage, the numbers of this 2021 have nothing to do with those of the past 2020. Making a comparison using the data as of December 1, 2020 in contrast to those of the December 1, 2021, reflected in the last bulletin of the Basque Government, a clear conclusion is reached: the number of infections and the cumulative incidence are worse than a year ago, but the hospital impact is much lower.

The data, December 1, 2020 vs December 1, 2021

Number of positives detected the day before, 2020: 564

Number of positives detected the day before, 2021: 1361

Accumulated incidence at 14 days, 2020: 421 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

Accumulated incidence at 14 days, 2021: 577 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

Number of plant admissions due to covid, 2020: 491 persons

Number of admissions to the plant due to covid, 2021: 207 persons

Number of people admitted to the ICU for covid, 2020: 129 persons

Number of people admitted to the ICU for covid, 2021: 55 persons

Number of people killed by covid in the last week, 2020: 81 people (last week, 96)

Number of people killed by covid in the last week, 2021: 18 people (the previous week, 5)

On Navarra the radiography is very similar. The sixth wave reaches a peak equal to or greater than the previous ones – in recent days the new positives have touched or exceeded 500 daily cases – but with almost half of ICU admissions. Currently there are 96 people admitted to Navarrese hospitals, 16 of them in ICUs. A year ago, to date, there were 145 admitted, 29 of them in the ICU.

What’s more, 31 people died in 2020 in the last week of November, in front of 5 in 2021.

With these data in hand, this week the president of Navarra pointed out that in terms of hospital occupancy, Navarra is at low risk: ”We do not have to look at the number of positives, but at the hospital occupation” He has reflected.

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