French election 2022 live: Polls put Macron ahead of Le Pen after presidential debate

Watch live as French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen holds rally in Arras

Emmanuel Macron maintains a six point poll lead over Marine Le Pen, the far-right challenger in the French presidential election, after a heated television debate last night.

The election campaign is in its final days and both candidates have returned to the campaign trail to drum up what support they can before the vote on Sunday.

Mr Macron, the cosmopolitan, is visiting the multicultural Saint Denis suburb of Paris while Ms Le Pen, who positions herself as a voice of the neglected working class, is in the northern industrial region of Hauts-de-France.


Macron is a ‘dunce’, says Le Pen

Marine Le Pen had no shortage of insults for her opponent Emmanuel Macron in her last major rally of the French presidential election campaign.

In an hourlong speech in the northern city of Arras, the far-right candidate said Mr Macron called the incumbent president a “dunce” whose only goal in power was to stay in power.

She said Mr Macron is “nonchalant”, “condescending” and “arrogant”.

On that last point, Ms Le Pen may find support even from those who do not intend to vote for her, as 50 per cent of people who watched last night’s election debate thought Mr Macron came across as arrogant.

The same poll, however, found that 50 per cent of viewers think Ms Le Pen is scary.

Liam James21 April 2022 19:38


Le Pen holds rally in Arras

The far-right challenger in the presidential campaign was firmly backed by the industrial stronghold in the first round of polling, taking one-third of votes in a crowded contest. Her rival, the incumbent President Macron, took one-quarter.

Le Pen seeks to win the working class vote with pledges to cut the cost of living and put French nationals first.

Watch live as French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen holds rally in Arras

Liam James21 April 2022 18:21


On the campaign trail: Macron fights for votes in Saint Denis

Emmanuel Macron headed to Saint Denis today as the presidential race entered its final days.

His destination is emblematic of Paris’s troubled suburbs and reflects his efforts to capture left wing voters who backed Jean-Luc Melenchon in the first round.

Saint Denis is also a very multicultural, inner-city location fitting for the cosmopolitan president.

Macron greets a crowd in Saint Denis


Macron spars with amateur boxer Jean-Denis Nzaramba, 23, at the Auguste Delaune stadium in Saint Denis


Children greet Macron greets as he campaigns in the Auguste Delaune stadium


Macron greets youth at the Auguste Delaune stadium in Saint Denis


Liam James21 April 2022 17:15


When will the French election results be announced?

France’s electorate goes to the polls on Sunday 24 April to decide who will be the next president (Joe Somerland writes).

An exit poll is expected to be published at 7pm GMT on Sunday with the official final results announced the following day.

Mr Macron secured 27.8 per cent of the vote 11 days ago to Ms Le Pen’s 23.1 per cent and is currently leading in opinion polls by as much as 56 per cent to 44 per cent, although Sunday’s ballot is expected to provide a close contest nonetheless.

Liam James21 April 2022 16:30


Macron retains poll lead after TV debate

Emmanuel Macron remains ahead of his opponent Marine Le Pen in the French presidential race after a heated television debate last night, a poll showed.

The incumbent was seen as winning re-election with an unchanged 56 per cent of the vote, according to a survey by OpinionWay/Kea Partners conducted between 20-21 April.

But uncertainty about the final result remained high as the poll also projected a 72 per cent voter turnout – which would be the lowest since 1969.

Viewers of the only debate between the two final candidates deemed Mr Macron prone to bouts of arrogance but also found him more convincing and fit to be president, a separate Elabe poll for BFM TV showed.

Ms Le Pen, who focused on expressing empathy with people she said had “suffered” since Mr Macron beat her in 2017, was judged slightly more in tune with voters’ concerns but her far-right views were still considered much more worrying, the poll showed.

Liam James21 April 2022 15:44

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