Four reasons Jack Grealish and Riyad Mahrez didn’t invite Pep Guardiola on Man City night out – Alex Brotherton

When a video emerged on social media of a trio of Manchester City fans being ‘rejected’ from a city center bar, many fans feared the worst.

The video appeared to show Jack Grealish, Kyle Walker and Riyad Mahrez being led away from the entrance of Albert’s Schloss on Peter Street, with the Grealish supposedly too drunk to get in.

City denied these claims, saying that the players were making the most of two days off by going out for dinner. All three reported to train in perfect condition on Tuesday.

However, Pep Guardiola was not about to pass up the chance to needle his stars after a little unwanted attention.

“I am so upset because they didn’t invite me,” he joked during his press conference ahead of Wednesday’s game against Brentford. “They will be fined because they didn’t invite me.”

Pep might well have felt left out, but there are likely a few good reasons why Jack and the boys didn’t ask the gaffer to come along.

oktoberfest ultra

During his three years as Bayern Munich boss, it’s fair to say that Guardiola took quite a liking to Munich’s famous Oktoberfest.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Pep always got involved in the 17-day extravaganza of drinking, dancing and traditional Bavarian dress, as community festivals and parties are a big part of life in Spain and Catalonia.

On his visits to Oktoberfest Guardiola even dressed up in lederhosen, showing just how invested he was in the local culture.

Given that Grealish, Walker and Mahrez planned to go into Albert Schloss – a Bavarian-style beer hall – it’s not surprising that they didn’t want their boss embarrassing them with his superior knowledge of German beer and dress.

smoking ban

City won the title last season at a canter, so much so that with three games still to play, Guardiola and his squad decided to let their hair down a bit (sorry Pep).

After Manchester United’s defeat to Leicester City confirmed the Blues as champions, the squad met up at the City Football Academy for an impromptu bash.

What nobody expected to see was a well-refreshed Guardiola puffing on a large cigar while making a botched attempt at belting out Oasis classic Don’t Look Back in Anger. The video – which was sent to Noel Gallagher – quickly went viral.

If Pep likes to smoke on a night out then fair play to him, but given the UK’s indoors smoking ban, he won’t be able to do that in Manchester’s bars and clubs. Do Grealish & co. really want to be inviting someone out who will spend half the night huddling from the rain next to the bouncers.

pep’s dancing

A few videos of Pep’s dance moves have surfaced in recent years, and let us tell you, if you ask him out for a boogie then be prepared to be upstaged.

Swinging his hips and looking effortlessly cool, you can be sure that Guardiola would have been a regular Hacienda back in the day.

However, as a video recorded in 1990s Barcelona shows, Pep cannot be trusted on the dancefloor.

The clip shows him dancing rather suggestively with the wife of Jose Bakero at a party. His team-mate of him responds with a finger-wagging warning, before having his hair of him touselled by Pep and bursting out laughing.

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Then there were his big moves at the title-winning party from 2018/19. If Grealish, Mahrez and Walker are the types who like to keep a low profile by the bar, then Pep would blow this out of the water.

We bet he does the Peter Kay “walking to the dancefloor walk” too.

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Chewing your ear off

Nobody knows better than Nathan Redmond that when Guardiola gets an idea in his head then there is no stopping him.

The manager famously lectured the Southampton winger in 2017 as he walked off the pitch following a City win, and it turned out that Pep was telling him how good he was.

Now, everyone likes to be praised and many would love to chat to Guardiola about all things football, but there’s a time and a place.

Can you imagine how long it would take for a group to order in a restaurant with Pep chewing the waiter’s ear off about the venue’s table formation, or the selection of red wine on offer? So, so complicated.

What do you remember Pep Guardiola would be like on a night out? Follow our City Is Ours writer Alex Brotherton on Twitter to get involved in the discussion and give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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