Former security guard to the Queen jailed for sexually abusing children as young as 13

Ken Burman appeared before the judge today after a trial convicted him of a series of indecent assaults on young teenage boys from 1972 until 1980 while he was a boy’s club leader

A court heard that Burman had worked on security for the Queen as well as in probation (file photo)

One of the Queen’s former security workers who sexually abused children as young as 13 years old throughout the 1970’s has been jailed.

Ken Burman appeared before the judge today after a trial convicted him of a series of indecent assaults on young teenage boys from 1972 until 1980 while he was a boy’s club leader.

The court heard how the 86-year-old’s victims came forward and accused him of sexual touching around 40 years after the crimes took place after police issued an appeal in 2017, asking for former Windsor boy’s club members to give information.

Prosecuting, Hugh Forgan said: “While the defendant was the leader for the Young Adventurer’s Club in Windsor, one of the victims had felt he was a favorite of the defendant’s and went on a camping trip with the club.

“The victim slept in a tent with another boy. Once it was lights out, he said the defendant climbed into their tent and rolled his sleeping bag down to his chest. The defendant then laid down between them and fondled the victim. He removed his hand and left.”

The court heard that Burman, who now uses a wheelchair, had exploited opportunities in the club’s buildings to touch other boys, including using the pretense of a kissing game to be naked with one of his victims.

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The prosecutor read statements from three victims to the courtroom, who told the judge that remembering their time at the boy’s club had caused them anxiety and that they had struggled to form relationships, believing this to be due to Burman’s abuse.

One victim told the courtroom in his statement: “My childhood should have been free, but it was overshadowed by Ken Burman.”

The pensioner was convicted on five counts of indecent assault on a male. Another charge of indecent assault on a male was brought to trial but Burman was cleared.

Defending, Alan Walker said: “Mr Burman maintains his denial of these offenses. These offenses took place in the 1970s and prior to this, he was of previous good character with no offending since.

“He has played a positive role in the community throughout his life – throughout his life he worked with probation, for a newspaper, and a security role with the Queen. He is widely respected by the community.”

The barrister highlighted the pensioner’s vulnerability due to his age, citing a series of health problems he suffers with.

Mr Walker told the judge: “Mr Burman has a fairly miserable life at home and he would struggle to complete simple tasks by himself.”

Sentencing, Judge Kirsty Real said: “This sentencing is for a pattern of offending for a number of years, between 1972 and 1980. You were the leader of the Young Adventurer’s Club in Windsor – there were three victims that gave evidence.

“The first victim, for the one occasion you held his penis in the club’s kitchen, the second victim, for the one indecent assault while on the camping trip and the two indecent assaults upstairs in the club, where you were both naked and the offending was under the pretense of a kissing game.

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“The third victim, for where you indecently assaulted him on a camping trip.”

Burman, of Sheepcote, Windsor, Berkshire, was sentenced in Reading Crown Court today to six years imprisonment.

The judge claimed the sentencing was based on “the abuse of trust and harm,” mitigated by his age and time since the offenses took place.

She told the courtroom that it was not for his mitigating features, he would have been sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.

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