Former Salford captain focuses on fundraising after ‘closing book’ on his playing career


Former Salford captain Lee Mossop would have preferred to take to the field as part of his own testimonial meeting next Friday, but he has no regrets about the way his career ended abruptly in the middle of last season.

Forced into retirement by injury, the forward wasted no time in shifting his focus to ensuring the charities that would benefit from his testimonial could receive the biggest possible boost in fundraising and awareness.

“I’m putting all my energy into this game, hopefully getting a lot of bums in the seats, which will give us one last push so we can give these charities a good chunk of money at the end,” he said. Mossop.

“It was always important to me to choose causes that mean something to me. hospice house west cumbria I had a close family friend who was cared for there in the last days of his life, two beers is local to Salford town center and I have been able to go out and see first hand how hard they work and lastly kidscan – It really opened my eyes.

“In the old days, if a little boy or little girl had cancer, they were treated with exactly the same drugs as adults. So even those who survived cancer faced other future drug-related health problems.” that they had received, given at the time.

“Kidscan is helping to develop drugs that can fight cancer but are not as harmful to children, which is amazing to me.”

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Although he has had interests outside of rugby throughout his career, the opportunity to make a real difference has empowered the Cumbrian-born Mossop, who has drawn inspiration from the people he has met in every good cause.

“When you are as lucky as I have been to be a professional athlete for so long, you are protected from certain things,” he said.

“It’s probably helped a bit that I’ve retired now. Instead of having to think about rugby, I’ve been able to focus a bit more on shining a light on these good causes.”

“The people involved in these charities are amazing people and they are the kind of people I want to be involved with. I firmly believe that you become the average person you spend your time with and they are definitely the kind of people you spend your time with.” I want to spend my time after my career.

Although the meeting between Salford and Warrington will end Mossop’s testimonial year calendar, he intends to continue to be involved with charities in the future and was recently appointed as a Brand Ambassador for Kidscan. But do you see yourself returning to the Salford Red Devils or rugby league in general in the future?

“Probably not to be honest,” Mossop admitted. “That kind of chapter is gone for me.

“I don’t know what the future holds. I’ve kept in touch with a lot of the Salford boys, they were my team-mates who became close companions.

“But I have closed that book, so any involvement will be only as a fan or in the club fund.”

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The Lee Mossop testimonial game between Salford and Warrington takes place at Halliwell Jones Stadium on February 4 and kicks off at 7:45pm Tickets are available to buy at this link .


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