Former police firearms instructor shot daughter’s partner in heated row over moving in

David Hucker, 69, blasted Robert Williamson twice with a 12-bore shotgun after the pair argued at his home in Dartford Road, Dartford, in May

David Hucker and Robert Williamson
David Hucker and Robert Williamson

A former police firearms instructor who gunned down his daughter’s partner in a row over the couple moving in, called police and told the operator: “I was sensible ’til about five, 10 minutes ago.”

David Hucker, 69, blasted Robert Williamson twice with a 12-bore shotgun after the pair argued at his home in Dartford Road, Dartford, in May.

Hucker, who denies murder, then phoned 999 and when asked if he had given CPR and told an ambulance was on its way, said he thought it was “past that”.

“He is on the floor bleeding all over the place,” Hucker said. “I think it’s a curtain job.”

Maidstone Crown Court heard the full conversation Hucker had with the 999 operator, which began with the operator asking what had happened.

“Well I’ve just shot him,” Hucker said in response.

Robert Williamson was found dead at the house in Dartford Road, Dartford



Operator: “OK. Why have you shot him?”

To this, Hucker said: “Erm… well I’d better talk to a policeman about that.”

Operator: “How many shots did you fire?”, to which Hucker replied: “Two.”

Operator: “So what’s the relationship between you and the dead man?”

Hucker described the relationship as “strained” and explained the pair had an altercation earlier that day, over “moving in with [him]”.

“He’d just told me to off out of my own house… he was screaming and shouting,” Hucker continued.

At this point, the operator asked if he would be willing to give Williamson CPR.

Robert Williamson from Northfleet, worked in construction and demolition



But Hucker said: “I think it’s past that… yeah, yeah he is on the floor bleeding all over the place”

Operator: “OK but you don’t have any mental or physical disabilities.”

Hucker: “No, darling. I am quite well… I was sensible ’til about five, 10 minutes ago.”

The operator then told him an ambulance was on its way, to which he replied: “I don’t think so… I think it’s a curtain job “

Hucker’s daughter and Mr Williamson’s partner Samantha told the jury at Maidstone Crown Court how the pair were “alpha males” who had threatened to kill each other before.

Mr Williamson had a £1,000-a-week cocaine habit, she said.

The scene of the murder, in Dartford



She said: “He was a little bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character. I never felt threatened at all. But I am quite a strong character.”

She said she was aware of violence after Mr Williamson had taken cocaine “but not towards me”.

Mr Williamson and Hucker were members of the same Masonic lodge and had clashed over the planned move, she said.

Ms Hucker told police after the shooting that her father had called her partner arrogant and had threatened to kill him.

She broke down in the witness box as she was asked to recall phone calls she received from her dad and partner.

Robert Williamson died after David Hucker shot him twice with a 12-bore shotgun



Holding back tears she told the jury: “No-one understands my position. I pray no-one is ever in my position… I can’t explain.

“They were the two great loves of my life… my hero, my dad, my superman and Robert the great love of my life.

“I knew I had lost both of them that day.”

Ms Hucker told the jury her father enjoyed clay pigeon shooting and kept his weapons at home. He previously worked at JJ’s Clay Shooting Club in Darenth Woods, near Bean.

She said: “He’s had guns since I was a child. They used to be kept in a cabinet and cartridges were in a metal box. They were kept separate.”

Defence barrister Oliver Saxby QC had asked: “And what made him upset was the idea that he would have to move out of his house. That’s what triggered it (the argument)?”

She answered: “Yes… the house belonged to me. This was my family home. I was born and raised there… that’s why I bought it.”

As she left the witness box she looked at her father as he sat in the dock.

Earlier, the jury had heard how Mr Williamson, a construction and demolition worker from Northfleet could be heard on a 999 call screaming after Hucker shouted: “I’ll boot that door off” before a shot was fired.

Williamson told the operator: “He’s just shot me in the ** chest!”

The court heard how after his arrest Hucker is alleged to have said: “I used to be a firearms instructor for 40 years and worked for the City of London Police and what did I do, shoot the ** son-in-law?”

The court heard on the day of the shooting the two men fell out over Mr Williamson and his partner planning to move into the house in Dartford Road.

Hucker called his daughter and said: “He ain’t *** moving in here. I will kill him before he moves in here.

“He’s *** arrogant, he’s got *** attitude. It ain’t *** happening. It’s not his house or your house – it’s my house.”

The jury was told two shots were fired 16 seconds apart, one to Mr Williamson’s chest and the second to his neck and head.

The trial continues.

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