‘Football fans booing is nothing compared to the anger felt towards our inept PM’ – Brian Reade

Brian Reade says if Boris Johnson doesn’t like fans booing the National Anthem, there’s worse to come – but the PM shows no integrity on any issue as once-deluded fools are discovering by the week

Boris Johnson arrives in Downing Street after PMQs at the House of Commons on Wednesday

It’s hard for a leader to come up with quick answers to complex questions.

But some cope better than others. Usually because, when they answer, their sincerity and integrity shine through.

Take Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s response to being asked why some of his club’s fans booed the national anthem before the FA
Final Cup. “In these situations, it’s best to ask the question: ‘Why does this happen?’” was the German’s considered response.

Had anyone chosen to, they would have found that the booing began in the 1980s when Liverpudlians were aware that Thatcher’s government wanted to sacrifice the city through “managed decline” followed by a state cover-up of the reasons 97 of their fellow fans died at Hillsborough.

Ah, yes, but what’s that got to do with singing about saving the Queen, some ask. Well, in a week when her bejeweled crown was given a limo of its own en route to the opening of Parliament while millions of Britons are so poor they have to beg for meals at foodbanks, maybe the fans were exercising their democratic right to question the point of saving the monarchy.

That great freedom crusader Boris Johnson, though, wasn’t happy with Klopp’s honest reply, so “slapped him down” by saying “it was a great shame” that football fans should boo to make a political point.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp


Liverpool F.C. via Getty Images)

Even though last June, when England fans booed players taking the knee against racism, Johnson said he “fully respects the right of those who choose to peacefully protest and make their feelings known”.

Ingest the lack of sincerity as you inhale the stench of bullsh**.

The difference in attitude can be explained thus: Johnson shamelessly goes after the votes of those who feel Britain has become too “woke” but knows most Scousers would rather chew their hand off than allow it to put an X next to a Tory.

But Johnson shows no integrity on any issue as once-deluded fools are discovering by the week.

Even if he sincerely believes football fans booing the political leadership in this country is out of order he’d better get used to it because the cries of anger coming down the line from ordinary people screwed by his policies will soon be deafening.

He may have escaped another police fine for breaking his own laws during Covid when No10 Downing Street turned into the biggest illegal rave in the land, but Sue Gray’s report is set to highlight the anger of everyone who played by the rules.

And as families find it increasingly impossible to keep their heads above water, the insults from him and his rich, out-of-touch government will enrage them even further.

Insults like telling pensioners to keep warm by riding on buses and foodbank users that they’re too thick to budget or
cook properly. Reading struggling families about only buying supermarket economy brands and advising them to work longer hours or find better-paid jobs.

Refusing a windfall tax on energy firms making billions in excess profits for fear of frightening the venture capitalists they need to attract to make their Brexit work.

You didn’t like Liverpool fans booing the people at the top of Britain, Johnson? Well, as Al Jolson used to say “you ain’t heard nothin’ yet”.

Because hell hath no fury like an electorate scorned.

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