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The future is coming, and Santiago Child it is of the opinion that the economic consequences may not be entirely positive. Today at La Ventana he told us about the Glovo food delivery company, which these days is testing a new business model in a Madrid neighborhood: robot delivery men.

Robot delivery men arrive

These are small refrigerators on wheels that can be autonomous, although as Niño explained, for now they will be accompanied by a person who controls them: “It’s called sandbox, and to make the thing wearable, it will keep pace with a person, although it could go faster ”.

At the moment they will be tested in an area of ​​the Villaverde district, in the capital, “only in a narrow street, with a person next to it, and in a larger part of Villaverde”, to ensure that their operation is as safe as possible.

“It is the beginning of the beginning”, Niño has warned, “now these vehicles are guided, but in ten years they will be fully autonomous elements, guided by a second generation artificial intelligence system”.

These Robots already work in US cities such as Seattle or Washington DC, and the technology is even more complex in Australia, where “the delivery of parcels by drones has been authorized in rural areas.”

Although the operation at a technical level is optimal, Niño is clear about the bumps in the path of the development of this new technology: “The biggest problem is going to be on the part of the population, living with these bugs, with these rolling elements. Can you imagine five of these little yellow boxes rolling down the Gran Vía in Madrid? From the outset it is going to crash ”.

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Young people prefer to work abroad

In addition to the population that uses this new delivery model, technology will affect delivery drivers and, consequently, employment, which already suffers greatly in Spain. Young people are the generation most affected, and therefore they look for work alternatives, in many cases outside of Spain.

According to a study published by the study center Young Business Talents, 82% of young Spaniards would be willing to leave the country if it helps them find a job. Almost 10,000 students between the ages of 15 and 21 participated in the survey.

“This is devastating with respect to the job market,” Niño assured. “It means several things, first that young people have much more perspective than what is initially given or granted to them. Secondly, that they see things very black in here for them and prefer to leave. eight people out of ten is a lot, “he explains.

Apartments for € 1 per month in Japan

However, not all opportunities abroad are good. For example, the 10-square-meter floors offered by the Swedish furniture company Ikea in Tokyo, Japan.

This is an advertising campaign in the Japanese capital, where for only 99 yen a month (approximately 0.77 euros) you can rent, for a maximum of three years, one of these 10 square meter micro-flats with a bathroom inside .

“This has small print, you have to furnish them with Ikea furniture for this type of apartment,” explained Niño. “My personal opinion is that this has publicity effects. Ikea has allocated X million to this project and within x years, when it decides to liquidate it, it will sell the apartments and it will have had a total impact ”, he says.

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In a city with a housing problem as big as that of the Japanese capital, creative solutions to offer housing are a good opportunity for business advertising.

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