Flight attendant reveals what to wear on plane and what you should never pack in case

Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz has revealed which clothes you should wear on flights and what not to do when packing your suitcase for your holiday

Packing for trips away can feel stressful if you have very limited space and aren’t sure how you’ll fit everything in

A flight attendant has shared tips on how to pack for holidays when you don’t have much space and what to wear on the plane.

Packing for trips away can feel stressful if you have very limited space and aren’t sure how you’ll fit everything in.

But flight attendant Miguel Muñoz has shared which clothes you should wear while on the flight to give you more space in your case, reports the Daily Record.

He told the Express that you can save space by wearing your bulky clothes when flying, and also suggests wearing a versatile pair of shoes that he calls “life changing”.

Miguel said holidaymakers can save space by wearing bulky clothes on the plane


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Miguel said that the more you wear onto the plane, the less you have to pack.

He said: “I always wear the biggest jumper and carry the coat with me on the plane, so I have that extra space in the suitcase.

“Jeans also take up a lot of space so I recommend always wearing them when traveling and only taking one pair with you.”

He also says that it’s worth wearing boots onto the plane if you are bringing them – but when it comes to footwear, Miguel recommends “aqua shoes” which he calls “life changing”.

Items like jeans, jumpers and coats take up a lot of space so should be worn on the flight rather than being packed



He says: “I recently started using these very versatile trainers which you can use to swim. They get dry in a few seconds and they don’t smell… they are really cool.

“You can use them to go hiking, to go to the beach, you can swim in them… and they don’t take any space in your bag. I love them!”

The versatile shoes can serve multiple roles and will allow travelers to save space as you could pass up on packing both flip flops and hiking boots.

Miguel also adds that you should never overpack, think ahead about what you need and avoid packing anything that you may not wear or use.

He said: “Don’t make the mistake of bringing two of each ‘just in case’.”

Miguel added that you should never pack items ‘just in case’ – instead plan exactly what you’ll wear


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He says that less is better than more and believes that you can pack light on anything that you could buy on holiday, allowing you to focus on packing items that you may not be able to find while abroad.

You can always pick up flip flops, socks, and underwear while on holiday if you have under packed or have lost something.

Miguel also recommends clothes pouches, also known as packing cubes instead of vacuum packing. He said: “It may seem silly but you can fit more clothes in your suitcase than without these. It’s better than vacuum packing.”

“Vacuum packing is a big mistake because you can do that on the way there, but probably you won’t have a vacuum to use on your destination to pack for your way back. Clothes pouches are so much better!”

He added: “Also, in terms of toiletries, only carry the essentials: toothpaste, deodorant, hair gel and sunscreen. You don’t need two perfumes! And of course, always in the small travel size.”

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