Five reports to dismantle sexist stereotypes

Objective Equality is the first TVE program entirely dedicated to feminism. He was born on February 4, 2021 and on turning one year old, he remembers in a special program what his main common thread is: point out and dismantle gender stereotypes to help achieve real parity and equal opportunities between women and men . In these months, this work has obtained recognitions such as the Alares award for social responsibility and the Women’s Award for Dialogue and Education for the most supportive media outlet for women.

We propose five reports of Objective Equality to identify sexism and fight against it.

Romantic love: the myths behind sexist violence

The idea of ​​the better half, of love that can do anything, of jealousy as a sign of love are at the base of romantic love. What we consider so many times the ideal of love has a dark side: toxic relationships and even gender violence.

Myths of romantic love can have a dark side – watch now

fashion stereotypes

The image of women that is transmitted through fashion, advertising or television can perpetuate stereotypes that are not innocent and that are on the basis of discrimination. We review with the help of experts what they are and how they are changing on the catwalks.

Stereotypes in haute couture and advertising

The voice of the gypsies

There are groups of women especially invisible and we seldom listen to them. Roma women talk to us about feminism, about archetypes with which they are usually identified and their reality.

The gypsies speak: they suffer from machismo like everyone else and also from racism

Medicine without sexism

Science has always had male physiology as a reference and this has had consequences even in medicine. We found sexist biases in drug clinical trials, description of symptom and even the way how it is attended in the Medical consultations to women.

Medical research and care discriminate against women

…. And if you want more

The section ‘100×100 feminist portrait’ It conveys the figure and voice of women who have something to tell, who are referents in different aspects or with an outstanding feminist message. We remember the interview with the writer Nayat el Hashmi, Nadal 2021 award for his novel ‘On Monday they will love us’

Nayat el Hachmi: Migration is sometimes a shortcut to equality

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