Five new driving laws that have come into effect this year and could cost road users


Brit drivers will need to be aware of five changes to motoring laws rolled out this year, including stricter smart motorway rules and number plate modifications

Five new driving laws to follow to keep you safe on the road and your license clean
Five new driving laws to follow to keep you safe on the road and your license clean

Motorists could be hit in the pocket if they don’t follow five new road laws rolled out this year.

Brit drivers will be aware of the dangers of falling foul of UK motoring laws – which can lead to hefty fines, and license points.

The rules include tougher enforcement for smart motorway drivers and modifications to number plates.

Below are the five changes to follow to keep your license clean and stay safe on the roads, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Stricter rules on smart motorways

Rules on the controversial smart motorway are tightening for 2022.

The controversy centres around the use of the hard shoulder as a running lane.

By using it in this way, it blocks a dedicated space for drivers to pull over in the event of an emergency, explains.

Smart Motorway rules will be stricter

In response Highways England announced a modification of the Highway Code, which will make it illegal to drive any lane marked with a red X.

That symbol is meant to notify motorists not to drive along the hard shoulder because a vehicle has broken down.

UK number plate change

Brit drivers in Europe will have to remove the GB sticker stuck to their number plate.

The law, which was implemented on September 28, means stickers and magnets with the letters are no longer valid.

They will need to be replaced with a sticker with “UK” on it.

Brit drivers in Europe will have to swap part of their number plate

Drivers with GB on their actual number plate will need to order a new one, or to add a UK sticker.

After Britain’s exit from the EU, drivers in the bloc’s countries must carry a physical green card and their license at all times.

Green cards can be ordered from insurers.

Stricter penalties for using a phone while behind the wheel

Texting or making a phone call while driving is already illegal apart from in emergency situations.

The Government is tightening the laws, making the use of a hand-held mobile phone illegal under virtually any circumstances.

The penalty for breaking the law is a £200 fixed fine and six points on their license.

“Hands-free” devices like sat-nav are not included, and drivers may continue using them as long as they’re secured in a cradle.

But police can charged them if they’re found to not be in proper control fo their vehicle.

A fine of £200 and six points on the license is the same penalty for breaking this law.

Speed limiters

In the new year, it will be compulsory for all new cars to have speed limiters fitted.

The Intelligent Speed Assistance system (ISA) uses video or GPS to detect speed signs, and alert the driver if they’re driving above the speed limit.

If the driver doesn’t slow down, the technology will take over and do it for you.

Green licence plates

Green number plates are now legal in the UK for zero-emissions cars.

As they are easily identified, local authorities can offer incentives to zero-emissions drivers, including cheaper parking.

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