Five curiosities of the queen with more years on a throne

In the end, he got it. Queen Elizabeth II has broken the record and becomes the current monarch with more decades on a throne, seven. Something that in our recent history had only been achieved by Bhumibol Adulyadej, the king of Thailand who died, yes, only four months after celebrating his Platinum jubilee, at the age of 88. Age that Elizabeth II has also far exceeded, she is 95, with which she is also the longest-serving Head of State in the world. She was only 25 years old when her father, King George VI, died of lung cancer and it was her turn to lead her. To commemorate such exceptionality, Buckingham Palace has planned a very complete program of festivities with which they will throw the house out the window with events for all tastes. Of course, the main ones will be held from June 2 to 5, to try to prevent bad weather from tarnishing the pageantry. Gone are, at least for now, the speculation and concern about the British monarch’s state of health after she did not attend, last year, several important events, such as the Glasgow Climate Summit.

Taking advantage of her Platinum Jubilee, we have given our documentary filmmakers a lot of trouble to find images of the lesser-known, more personal part of Elizabeth II. And we have had more than one surprise. For example, that moment -which you can see in the video above- in which she has a good race when she finds out that one of her horses has won a competition. In fact, in that he has also made real history, since one of his mares, ‘Estimate’, has been the first and only one that has won at Ascot, that traditional race in which the enormous and striking hats of the assistants than the horses themselves, and that Elizabeth II is not lost for the world.

passion for animals

His devotion to horses makes him take advantage of any opportunity to ride. mythical is his walk with the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, in 1982, through the green lawns of Windsor Castle, twice the size of Reagan’s ranch in California. Up to 250 photographers and cameras were after them. It was one of the many times that we saw Isabel II with ‘Burmese’ or what is the same, with ‘Birmania’, her favorite horse and with which she made her triumphal entry for 18 consecutive years at ‘Trooping the Color’, the traditional military parade with which his birthday is celebrated every year.

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Although there is an animal with which Isabel II is associated more than any other, dogs and specifically, dwarfs, the ‘corgis’. A race that she has launched to stardom. Susan, Willow, Holly, Canday or Vulcán are some of the ones that she has shown off the most and whom we have even seen in the front row in some audiences. Up to eight has come to have at once. You only have to see the movie video with which the London Olympics were promoted, in 2012, and in which the corgis did not get to parachute like the queen and James Bond, but they had almost the same number of shots as them .

Las Mañanas de RNE – Elizabeth II of England. By profession, queen – Listen now

has a gold record

Few queens can boast cameo in ‘The Simpsons’, the award-winning cartoon series, let alone having a gold record. Yes, one equal to the 48 kept by the Beatles or the 51 by Barbara Streisand, and all this without making the vocal cords work. How did she get it? Editing the concert with which she celebrated, in 2002, in the gardens of Buckingham Palace her 50 years on the throne, the so-called golden jubilee and in which Rod Stewart or Paul McCartney were some of the many great artists who wanted to get on stage. A party in which her son, Prince Charles, came on top of her and broke her protocol by calling her “mummy”, mommy, and kissing her hand. Perhaps she was influenced by the fact that the great song, the anthem of that day, was All you need is Love of the Beatles. Only in its first week, the album, party in the palace, sold 100,000 copies.

The British Royal House promised to allocate the proceeds to charitable causes. Not only because of the album, but also because of the 12,000 tickets that were sold for the concert. Some still remember jumping for joy when the organization called them saying that they had won one of the tickets in the draw. Many of those who were not so lucky got up early to stick to the gate of the palace where it is estimated that up to a million people enjoyed, in the distance, the macro-event.

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Although, it is not to be bad, but there is an album with the photo of Elizabeth II on the entire cover that swept even more in sales and social impact, and in which was the one that became the anthem of punk, save the queen of the Sex Pistols. The supposedly bad guys whom the system and censorship blacklisted for years, doing them a favor by unintentionally turning them into a social phenomenon of rebellion against the establishment.

The most technological queen

Many have labeled it classic, but Elizabeth II has been the first to board many trains. In 1976, at the age of 50, she became the first female head of state to send an email. What to say about TV: her wedding and his coronation were the first, real, broadcast.

“Television is the medium that makes it possible for many people to see me,” she said as early as 1957, when it was not yet a mass medium. On television we have seen her great moments, the beautiful and colorful ones, but also the bad ones like the one in which she was most questioned, the death of Lady Di, and in which for a good part of public opinion she was not at the height by deciding, for example, not to fly the British flag at half-staff on the palace’s main flagpole. Something that six days later he tried to fix with a televised speech, live, in which he described the Princess of Wales as “an exceptional human being” whom, he said, “I admired and respected for his energy, encouragement and, above all, for his devotion to his children. If she had a nose for the power that television was going to have, with websites and social networks, it was no less. The British Royal House has always been one of the first to bet on the new, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

No passport or driver’s license

Mission impossible to list the miles she has done during her almost century of life, as queen of her country and head of state of fifteen of the Commonwealth. He has only made one official visit to Spain, in 1988, with her husband, the recently deceased Duke of Edinburgh. When she landed, the then Prince of Asturias, Don Felipe, who was 20 years old at the time, was waiting for her at the foot of the stairs. A moment that she told us on Spanish Television, you can also see it in the video, our then partner Nieves Herrero.

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Trips up, trips down, to one side and the other that he has done without licenses. Elizabeth II has neither a passport nor a driving license. And that we have seen her driving an ambulance in the middle of World War II. How is it explained? The reason is that it is she who authorizes these documents and of course, she can’t give herself one. For those who think that in their case everything is an advantage, not always. For example, you can’t vote for the left or the right or for those in the middle, for none. It must be neutral and appear so.

their chatty bags

Surely if we put an image with four queens of today, full body, without showing their faces, they point without hesitation to the one from England. Her clothing gives her away. Always dress or skirt, never pants and monochrome, if possible be a garish one. They say it’s something she does on purpose to be recognized in the crowd. Very yours too matching hats with the color that touches him that day. It has more than 5,000 and very clear rules with them. You can only put them on if it is before six in the evening, they cannot obscure your vision or be an obstacle to getting out of the official car.

Another of their icons, resistant to any momentary fashion, are their bags. The most common, of which there have even been exhibitions, those of the English firm, Launer. And especially, one, the black patent leather Traviata for more than two thousand euros. And that she uses, they say, to speak in code with her advisers. If a bore bores her, she moves her bag and they rescue her. So you know, keep an eye on the queen’s handbag at her platinum jubilee celebration, will it be still? Or motion sickness.

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