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Peacock has shared just a few hours ago the first images of Bel-Air. A series, which will hit the video platform in streaming sometime in 2022, which will retell the Will Smith story from a different point of view. And it is that, after the American filmmaker Morgan Cooper imagined in 2019 what it would be like The prince of Bel Air If it had been shot today, Will Smith decided to launch this new series that leaves comedy aside to become a drama.

The basis of the series remains the same. A young man born in Philadelphia ends up with his uncle and aunt in a Bel-Air mansion after a fight with some neighborhood boys that ends with police intervention. An episode never before seen in the original series that will serve as the starting point of this new adventure in which we will see characters like Will Smith, Carlton Banks and the mythical Uncle Phil. However, the actors and actresses who will play each of them will be completely different.

This is Jabari Banks, the new Will Smith

In the first preview of this new series, voiced by Will Smith himself, we can see the new protagonist of the series immersing himself in a pool that, moments later, becomes an ocean of possibilities. After entering the depths of it, we can see how he tries to find his place until he finds the throne of Bel-Air that was cited in the mythical song of the 90s. A song that changes considerably in this new series that will feature Jabari Banks in the role of Will Smith.

After an arduous casting that lasted for several months, the producers of the series trusted Jabari Banks to play the new Will Smith. A young man, who was born west of Philadelphia like his character, who graduated just a few months ago from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and who hopes to make a name for himself in the world of acting. In addition to acting, Banks also composes, sings, raps and even plays basketball, thus becoming a modern clone of the mythical Prince of bel-air.

So is the rest of the cast

Several weeks after announcing its protagonist, the video platform in streaming it fully revealed to the rest of the cast. Although the characters will keep their names, those responsible for the series have confirmed that they will have a different personality than what we could see in the series that aired on NBC in the 90s. On this occasion, the producers have opted for Cassandra Freeman and Adrian Holmes to play Vivian and Phillip Banks. In this way, Holmes will have the complicated task of living up to a James Avery who died in 2013 in an open heart operation at a Los Angeles hospital.

But Holmes will not be the only one who will have to fill a great void. Also Olly Sholotan, who has been confirmed as the new Carlton Banks. Among the rest of the actors and actresses that will participate in this new series we find Coco Jones and Akira Akbar, who will play Hilary and Ashley Banks. Also Jimmy Akingbola, who will play a much younger Geoffrey than the one we first saw in the 90s, Jordan L. Jones as the new Jazz and Simone Joy Jones as Lisa.

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