Finally, the Generalitat will guarantee the guarantees required by the Spanish Court of Accounts




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The Government rectifies and chooses to resort to the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICE) to endorse the former high officials of the Generalitat, indicted for allegedly embezzling money in the international promotion of the independence process of Catalonia.

The Government will finally use the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF) to guarantee the guarantees that the Court of Accounts claims from former high-ranking officials of the Generalitat, a possibility that the Minister of Economy and Finance, Jaume Giró, ruled out on Tuesday.

This was announced this Wednesday by Giró himself in the control session of the Government in the Parliament, the same day that deadline expires to pay the bonds imposed by the Court of Accounts.

On July 6, the Government approved by decree the creation of a fund with an initial endowment of 10 million euros to help the 34 former high-ranking officials from whom the Court of Accounts claims bonds worth 5.4 million for having promoted with public money the “procés” abroad, but Yesterday Giró acknowledged that they have not found any bank that guarantees the guarantees and ruled out resorting to the ICF as plan B, so as not to put your professionals at risk.

However, after meeting this morning with the Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, in the Parliament, the minister has announced a twist in your decision. Giró has affirmed that the decision not to endorse through the ICF was taken “out of prudence” and to “protect” the workers of the institute, although he acknowledged this Wednesday that his words “were of some use.”

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“They served to have received calls from ICF people that you have asked me please that for them it is not left, and that we try to use this additional provision as provided in the decree law, “he said in response to a question from JxCat deputy Elsa Artadi.

And he thanked the ICF workers for the “generosity”, although he asked to take the announcement “with all the prudence that experience recommendsAnd the fact is that it is the Court of Accounts that must now say whether or not it accepts the guarantee signed by the ICF, since it is not, officially a bank, but a dedicated entity to manage loans to SMEs.

If the option goes ahead, the fund will work with a mechanism similar to that of a private insurance: a private entity guarantees the finances with a counter-guarantee from the Generalitat through the ICF.

On Tuesday, the Government announced after its weekly meeting that it had not found any bank to guarantee the finances of the Court of Accounts, after which several of the former high-ranking officials announced that they had decided to guarantee the interposed bonds with their own assets. This situation also led the parties and entities to activate other ways to collect the money from the bonds, either through the Solidarity Fund or by asking for donations directly, as was the case with JxCat.

Therefore, with the new decision of the Generalitat and the approval of the Court of Auditors, said assets would be released from the burden.


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