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Do not interrupt

Football speaks through the stands. There is the individual, with his dangerous emotionality, hiding frustrations and desires that have dragged on for who knows how long, who knows how big. And there is also the community, which expresses itself in choral songs, a tangle that must be listened to because it tells us deaf social heartbeats. But this week football delegated its word to its highest authority: the FIFA president. He did it no less than before the Council of Europe and left this pearl: “We have to give hope to Africans, so that they don’t have to die in the Mediterranean in search of a better life”. All to justify a World Cup every two years that makes the body he presides over richer. The impudence was so denounced that they wanted to give him some advice: since football speaks for itself, do not interrupt him again.

planes crossing

This next week will happen what had to happen: players who have to play two games on two continents at the same time. An impossible, like two planes that cross each other and that the same players travel in both. They comply with their selection or they comply with their team. Madrid will pay for it against Athletic in the Cup. FIFA, which by regulation prioritizes the national teams, intends a World Cup every two years, with more qualifying matches that will break the seams of the calendars. The idea lowers the exceptionality of the World Cups to fifty percent, a championship that organizes the lives of fans in portions of legend every four years. If FIFA had rights over the Christmas holidays, Santa Claus would come on a sleigh in July too. Pleasing the economic interests of the clubs, UEFA and FIFA will end the health of the players and the patience of the fans. Everything is for the Africans.

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run not to fall

It can already be seen, in the distance, like a bullet train coming at full speed: the tie between PSG and Real Madrid. Have you noticed that, in football these days, everyone runs, but not to reach a goal but to escape from the precipice? What is the uniqueness of this tie? That both teams must win it. It does not matter that they are first and with a great advantage in their respective Leagues, in what is not a walk, but almost. So the League is discounted, as if there was no merit in winning it with authority. On the contrary, having such a great advantage puts you in a very uncomfortable scenario: that of the great expectations created. Now it’s up to both of them to win in the Champions League to avoid an economic catastrophe. We have gone from living excited to living threatened by fucking football. Poor coaches.

passion as style

Even Simeone suffers the impact of poor results after 10 years dedicated to changing the history of his club. But you don’t have to worry about him. One day I stayed to interview him and between the appointment and the meeting 15 days passed in which Atlético did poorly. Too bad, I thought, I’m going to find a demoralized Cholo. He came, sat down and ate me. I wouldn’t even play cards against this guy, I thought. That day I understood that he has a reservoir of passion from which he draws unbeatable energy. It is what underlies the excellent Movistar Plus documentary: a nervous force capable of waking up a sleeping club forever. Why am I going to deceive them, the Cholo game is not for me. But I discover myself before that great work built from the love of football and Atlético de Madrid.

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