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The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, this Monday unlinked the increase in the incidence of COVID in Spain in recent weeks from the appearance of the omicron variant.

Simón, before participating in Córdoba in a conference on the incidence of the pandemic in the elderly organized by the UGT, pointed out to journalists that “what is happening now in Spain, although in part it may be due to the omicron, It is not fundamentally due to the omicron, the problem we have in Spain and the increase we have in incidence – he said – began before the omicron variant occupied any space in Spain “.

Reduce risks

“We have to hope that in the next or two or three weeks the incidence will continue to rise, hopefully not very quickly, hopefully the population is sensible and we get the measures considered to be applied, but, above all, that the population , who knows perfectly what personal protection measures have to be applied, apply them in the best way they can to try to reduce the risks, “he said.

The health official has recognized that “there are countries in Europe where the variant takes up more space and have had problems” and that these situations are being solved with “important control measures just as the others were controlled.”

“The two things are coming together”

In his opinion, “in Spain the two things are coming together right now”, so “we will have to do something”, he concluded, although he has not positioned himself on possible restrictive measures that can be adopted in the face of “social events that have a very important impact on the community ”, on which he has been in favor of“ maintaining while you can and, if you cannot, no ”, but has also stressed that“ there are alternatives to do things in such a way that the risks are minor. “

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Fernando Simón has stated that there are “some concerns related to this variant” and has also emphasized that “many other things that regardless of the variant that circulates have to make us think about the way we behave”.

The importance of vaccines

In his opinion, “it is very difficult that before January 10-15 this begins to decline, not only because of the evolution we are taking but also because of the upcoming holidays”, while adding that “what we cannot pretend is do things the way they were done before the coronavirus appeared and pretend that there is no transmission. “

For the person in charge of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, although “there are some indications”, they are “still unproven” that the omicron variant “escapes the effectiveness of the vaccine or is less effective”, but, in any case , showed his opinion that the vaccine is helping us enormously. “

In his opinion, “what is happening now has nothing to do with what happened in similar situations a year ago, but there is still a significant percentage of the population without immunization”, especially sensitive in groups with a high degree of social relationships.


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