Feijóo reveals two new names for his dome

The next president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has revealed this Friday two other names that will form part of the party leadership: Jose Antonio Monagowho will be the new president of the Guarantees Committee, and Diego Calvowho will chair the Electoral Committee.

This was announced when presenting before the XX National Congress of the PP his proposal for positions for the new leadership during the speech he has given before the more than 3,000 delegates who this Saturday must vote for him as the new national leader.

They are added to the other two that are known so far: Cuca Gamarrauntil now the spokesperson for the PP in Congress and who will occupy the General Secretariat, and Elijah Bendodothe “strong man” of Juanma Moreno, who will be the general coordinator of the PP.

Feijóo, who will reveal this Saturday the full composition of the new leadership of the PP, has said of Monago, former president of Extremadura, that “it is good to have someone who can put out a fire“, while de Calvo, provincial president of A Coruña and first vice-president of the Galician Parliament, has said that this position has to be filled by a Galician “for many reasons” but the main one is because He has experience and has been in the opposition.

Bet on Almeida, Margallo, Pastor and Cobo, among others

Feijoó has also announced the list of 35 vowels who will accompany you when presenting your candidacy, and who will form part of the National Executive Committeewith positions such as José Luis Martínez-Almeida (at the proposal of Ayuso), Ana Beltrán, José Manuel García-Margallo, José Antonio Monago or Alfonso Serrano, among others.

Likewise, Feijóo has included a historical figure such as the former minister Margallo and to the general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles lopez. He has also opted for the former minister Ana Pastor, deputy secretary of Social Policy in the Casado PP, and for her vice president in the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Wheel.

For Madrid, he has integrated Alfonso Serrano, spokesperson for the popular in the Madrid Assembly and Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s most trusted person; to Manuel Cobowho was the ‘right hand’ of Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón, and the former treasurer of the PP Jose Manuel Romay Beccariaamong others.

He has also appointed the castellanomanchegos as a member Ana Guarinos and Israel Pérez. For its part, Sonia Gonzalez and Jose Antonio Martin Buro have been appointed to form part of the National Board of Directors.

vowel list

The complete list of members of the national executive committee that will be voted on tomorrow is as follows:

1. Sofia Acedo Reyes (Melilla)
2. Juan Manuel Avila Gutierrez (Andalusia)
3. Jose Manuel Baltar Blanco (Galicia)
4. Luis Barcala Sierra (Valencian Community)
5. Yolanda Bel Blanca (Ceuta)
6. Jose Maria Bellido Roche (Andalusia)
7. Ana Beltran Villalba (Navarra)
8. Joaquin Buendia Gomez (Murcia Region)
9. Emma Buj Sánchez (Aragon)
10. Francisco Conde Lopez (Galicia)
11. Alberto Fabra Part (Valencian Community)
12. Lucia Fernandez Alonso (Madrid)
13. Sandra Fernandez Herranz (Balearic Islands)
14. Ramón Fernández-Pacheco Monterreal (Andalusia)
15. Cuca Gamarra Ruiz-Clavijo (La Rioja)
16. José Manuel García-Margallo y Marfil (Valencian Community)
17. Pablo Gonzalez Menendez (Asturias)
18. Maria Jose Gonzalez Revuelta (Cantabria)
19. Ana Guarinos López (Castilla-La Mancha)
20. Loles Lopez Gabarro (Andalusia)
21. Maria de los Llanos de Luna Tobarra (Catalonia)
22. Fernando Manzano Pedrera (Extremadura)
23. Jose Luis Martinez Almeida (Madrid)
24. Visitation Martínez Martínez (Region of Murcia)
25. Emilio Navarro Castanedo (Canary Islands)
26. Enrique Nunez Guijarro (Madrid)
27. Iñaki Oyarzabal Miguel (Basque Country)
28. Ana Pastor Julian (Madrid)
29. Israel Pérez Jiménez (Castilla-La Mancha)
30. Oscar Ramirez Lara (Catalonia)
31. Alfonso Rueda Valenzuela (Galicia)
32. Paloma Sanz Jerónimo (Castile and Leon)
33. Alfonso Serrano Sánchez-Capuchino (Madrid)
34. Antonio Silvan Rodriguez (Castilla y Leon)
35. Hipolito Suarez Nuez (Canary Islands)
Members appointed by the President:
1. Elena Candia Lopez (Galicia)
2. Maria Jose Catala Verdet (Valencia)
3. Pillar of the Moorish Elm (Castilla y León)
4. Manolo Cobo Vega (Madrid)
5. 5. Jose Manuel Romay Beccaria (Galicia)
And these are the names of the list of the National Board of Directors:
1. Mario Arias Navia (Asturias)
2. Luisma Beamonte Mesa (Aragon)
3. Isabel Blanco Llamas (Castile and León)
4. Marifrán Carazo Villalonga (Andalusia)
5. Jose Ramon Carmona Sanchez (Andalusia)
6. Jesus Julio Carnero Garcia (Castilla y Leon)
7. Candido Manuel Cobo Fernandez (Cantabria)
8. Borja Corominas Fisas (Basque Country)
9. Maria Isabel Deu del Olmo (Ceuta)
10. Conrado Escobar Las Heras (La Rioja)
11. Manuel Garcia Felix (Andalusia)
12. Jose Francisco Garcia Fernandez (Murcia)
13. Javier Garcia Jimenez (Navarra)
14. Fabiola Garcia Martinez (Galicia)
15. Sonia González Martínez (Castilla-La Mancha)
16. Vicente Huet Ballester (Valencian Community)
17. Miguel Jorge Blanco (Canary Islands)
18. José Antonio Martín Buro (Castilla-La Mancha)
19. Mari Ángeles Pallarés Cifre (Valencian Community)
20. Beltran Perez Garcia (Andalusia)
21. Rebeca Perez Lopez (Murcia)
22. Juan Francisco Pérez Llorca (Valencian Community)
23. Judith Piquet Flores (Madrid)
24. Manuel Quevedo Mateos (Melilla)
25. Jordi Roca i Mas (Catalonia)
26. Raquel Sánchez Collado (Balearic Islands)
27. Immaculate Sanchez Polo (Extremadura)
28. Angeles Vazquez Mejuto (Galicia)
29. Marta Vela Sanchez (Canary Islands)
30. Jose Manuel Zarzoso Revenga (Madrid)


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