Feijóo proposes direct aid to needy families

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will propose to the Government a annual direct aid of between 200 and 300 euros to families that charge between 14,000 and 17,000 euros, as well as the reduction of personal income tax for medium and low incomes with incomes below 40,000 euros, deflating the rate in the first three sections. In addition, he has defended lowering the VAT on electricity and gas to 4%.

The still president of the Xunta has detailed this Wednesday before the Executive Committee of his party the economic plan that will be sent to the Government of Pedro Sánchez next Fridayafter meeting this Tuesday with the social agents, but from the conviction that it is necessary to propose and agree on reforms to “correct the bad course of the economy”, although he believes that the Executive is not going to “make it easy”.

“We propose to act on personal income tax for natural persons to especially benefit measured and low incomesthose with incomes of less than 40,000 euros, deflating the rate in the first three sections, that is, updating the rate that has not been done for 14 years”, he pointed out, to underline that they have had the same personal income tax rate since 2008 and since then the CPI is up 25%.

Feijóo’s economic plan

The Feijóo’s economic plan has four axes: rationalize “more expensive” government spending, redesign European funds so that citizens and SMEs are direct actors, structural reforms and a “selective, immediate and temporary” tax reduction to deal with the massive increase in prices, and also the increase in collection”.

“If the government wants to adopt these measures, they are theirs. It is our contribution to the governability of our country and to families with medium and low incomes”, he proclaimed.

also raises act on corporate tax“giving freedom to amortize investments in energy efficiency”, lowering VAT on electricity or gas to 4% and also reductions in VAT under the simplified regime in sectors such as industry, agriculture and livestock.

Do you think there will be money for the surplus in the collection

Feijóo argues that the Government planned to increase collection throughout 2022 by 9,000 million euros and only in January and February the increase is 7,500, so there will be a surplus before which two ways are opened: “leave it in the hands of the Government or return it to the citizens”, who due to the 9.8% inflation pay “more for the same”.

All these measures can be practiced, they are feasibleand there is money for it without touching the government’s forecasts for 2022. They have an immediate effect and for all of them they have the support of the PP”, said Feijóo about a plan that he already presented this Tuesday to the social agents and that he has prepared together to former Ministers of Economy and Finance or senior officials whose identity has not been revealed.

According to Feijóo, Spain leads unemployment and will be the only country in the EU that in 2022 does not recover the economic levels prior to the pandemic, for which he believes that the Government “either fails in its diagnosis or what would be worse, knows it, but he refers to hiding it from the Spaniards”. For this reason, he has reproached the Executive for “squeezing” citizens with taxes and for having “used to” the “rescue” of the EU by buying public debt “.

Faced with this situation, the PP is going to “contribute and build” instead of folding its arms and “wait” for their turn to come and deteriorate the economy, because “there is no one in Spain who is entitled to do nothing, especially with the government that we have.”


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