Feijóo is proclaimed the new president of the PP

Alberto Núñez Feijóo is already president of the PPwho leaves the ‘Married era’ to focus on a “unity” project in which the Galician has emerged as the the only “alternative” to the Pedro Sánchez government. Feijóo has “hungry for change” and has made it clear that the PP, which is now in his hands, is “the only instrument that Spain has” to achieve it”: “I am not going to stop until the Spanish have a government they can trust”.

Feijóo has been proclaimed president on the second and last day of the 20th National Congress of the PP after achieving overwhelming support with 2,619 votes, 98.35% of the valid vote.

“Non you were leaving rianxeira, you are going to get dizzy”, The attendees have begun to sing before the Galician has taken the podium in a gesture of affection towards his new president.

“Thanks for choosing me president of the PP but this election is only the beginning because the really important thing now is to stay together so that the Spaniards elect us to govern their future. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart”, he proclaimed as he went up to the podium, to make a special mention to the outgoing address and to his “friend” Pablo Casado and a thank you to the former presidents of the Government Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar. Feijóo has pointed out that today he feels “a greater responsibility than yesterday” but that “probably” will be greater than “tomorrow”, since “whoever thinks that being president of this party is simply an honor is wrong”: “It is not a privilege, it is a mandate (…) “It’s not a charge, it’s a burden”.

The last image of this Congress has been that of the Unit for which the Galician president has advocated so much, an image with which to definitively leave behind the internal war that ended Casado’s leadership after his power struggle with the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Feijóo has given all the ‘popular’ “illusion, hope” and “optimism” around his project, as the territorial leaders have recognized.

It offers “reliability, maturity and a sense of State”: “Spain deserves more”

“Let no one try to make believe that things cannot be changed”, the new ‘popular’ president has warned: “Spain is waiting for us, He always waits for us in difficult times and invites us to govern in times of difficulty.” Because Spain, has continued, “deserves more than an overwhelmed government by reality and we are prepared”. In this sense, he has emphasized everything that he believes the PP has and should have the next government of Spain: unity, management, ability to speak “in front of the people” and to “not play with general interests”. Spain does not deserve, he has abounded, a “triumphalist” government that always believes it is doing well and if it goes wrong it is the fault of others.

feijoo has offered the country “reliability, maturity, a sense of State and a clear direction” and he is not going to wait, he said, for “the government to fall as a result of its own inefficiency”: “We are going out to win and not to wait for the government (coalition) parties to lose”, he has abounded. But he has also stressed that the ‘new PP’ is not “anxious to reach the goal in any way.

The new leader of the party has promised that, while he is in opposition, he will do “everything possible to make Spain do better”. Thereforehas offered “all the support” and help to the Government for a series of issues, such as to rectify “what is being done wrong”, to “stop hiding the problems that exist”, to “expedite” necessary measures and, he added, “to stop the ministers who oppose from the government” and “not depend on those who want to fracture and divide” Spain.

Offers understanding to other parties but warns: “Moderation is not lukewarm”

Feijóo has ensured that, whoever wants to look for the PP, will find it in the Constitution, in the “general interest” and in the “sense of Spain”: “They will always locate us there”, he assured. Of course, he has asked the others “not to make a mistake or try to make the Spaniards wrong” because “moderation is not lukewarm” nor is dialogue “submission”. For this reason, he has rejected that the others tell the PP what they have to “do, say or think.” And he has warned once again: “We are not going to stop making opposition because it is our obligation (…) We are not going to be the PP that other parties want”.

The already president of the PP has said that he does not like “labels” and has asked to leave the “democratic cards”, of “Spaniards and patriots” because “this is everyone’s Spain”, he said. And she has received a long applause from the assistants, who have risen. For everything, she has asked to leave behind “the slander” and “start working as adults once and for all.”

If they do not support you at home, you can badly credit the understanding abroad

“We have to remove Spanish politics from confrontation and hyperbole”has continued, and has winked at the situation experienced in the last month and a half and, specifically, at Casado: “My project is a project of understanding. Also of internal understanding because if they do not support you at home you can badly prove understanding out.”

Feijóo, who will create an advisory committee to open the program and the party’s newspaper to people outside politics, has said that to work with him he will not ask for the license from affiliate to anyone: “You have to join the PP out of conviction, not out of interest”.


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