Feijóo: from Galicia to Genoa to reach La Moncloa

Winds of change are blowing in the PP. The first speech by Alberto Núñez Feijóo (Os Peares, Ourense, 1961) as the new president of the party has already shown signs of this. With “moderation” and the “sense of State” as a flagthe Galician leader has taken the reins of a PP this Saturday in its lowest hours, hit by a deep crisis that has left out of the game the one who until a little over a month ago was his greatest promise, Pablo Casado, and who must rearm in record time to arrive in time for the next general election scheduled for 2023.

From Galicia to Genoa to reach La Moncloa. That will be his mission and, for this, “he will leave until his last breath”. Because his only aspiration, he said this Friday, is “to win and govern Spain.” “I know that this party is the only alternative to the government and the best thing that can happen to my nation. And that is why I am here,” he declared before the more than 3,000 delegates who supported him this Saturday with 98.35% of the votes.

Raised in Madrid by Aznar and rescued in Galicia by Fraga

The already proclaimed president of the PP was born in Os Peares, a small town of just 60 inhabitants in the province of Ourense. “Eladia’s grandson”, as his neighbors know him, dreamed of being a judge one day and for this he graduated in Law from the University of Santiago de Compostela. However, his family needs led him to study an opposition to enter the higher body of civil servants of the newly created Galician regional administration.

In 1985 he entered as an official of the Xunta and soon reached high technical positions in the Galician government apparatus: first in the Ministry of Agriculture, which he entered at the age of 29 under the guidance of former minister José Manuel Romay Beccaría, and later as secretary General for Health until 1996, the year in which he went to Madrid at the time of José María Aznar. There, the former president appointed him as secretary general of Health Assistance in the Ministry of Health and, later, as president of the National Institute of Health.

A few years later, between 2001 and 2003, he was appointed president of the Post Office, where he began to develop his image as an efficient manager above the acronym of the party, which he did not join until 2002. In fact, Feijóo has confessed that he voted twice for Felipe González.

However, his fate in the capital was numbered. The Prestige crisis returned him to Galician politics in 2003, after having refused to be Esperanza Aguirre’s Minister of Health: first as Minister of Infrastructure and a year later as second vice president. And, in just two years, the historic founder of Alianza Popular and then president of the Galician PP, Manuel Fraga named him his successor.

That was undoubtedly the turning point in his political career: in 2009 he achieved his first absolute majority and, since then, he has had no rival at the head of the Xunta de Galicia, as his 13 years in office and his four consecutive majorities endorse. , the last one in July 2021. “Don’t leave rianxeira, you’re going to get dizzy”, the attendees to the Congress have sung to him, before a visibly moved Feijóo.

“Moderation” and the “sense of State” as a flag

This Saturday, the Galician leader embarks on a new political stage. He makes the leap from his office in Santiago de Compostela to Génova Street. The decision, he assured, “has not been easy”, but it is based on the “conviction” that it is “what Spain needs”. “We believe that we can do better and we believe that our country needs it,” he claimed in his speech this Friday.

Feijóo presented himself with more than 55,000 endorsements to lead the PP, a record figure in the party and ten times more than those gathered by Pablo Casado. His intention is to convert to the PP again in “the common house of the center-right”, something that its predecessor did not achieve. And he will do it through “maturity, reliability, a sense of state and a clear direction,” without waiting for “the government to fall as a result of its own inefficiency.” “Let no one try to make people believe that things cannot be changed”, warned the new ‘popular’ president: “Spain is waiting for us, it always waits for us in difficult times and invites us to govern in times of difficulty”.

Among its shadows, the Galician left has criticized the cuts in health or the cornering of the Galician; and from the opposition they insist that it is not as moderate as it projects. “I fear that the PP has changed its cat, but the bell continues to sound exactly the same,” PSOE deputy secretary general, Adriana Lastra, warned on Friday before the imminent replacement in the ‘popular’ ranks. What’s more, his photo with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado in 1995 It continues to haunt him almost three decades later, despite his explanations.

El presidente del PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, durante su intervención en el congreso.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”El presidente del PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, durante su intervención en el congreso”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”Joaquin Corchero/Europa Press”,”source”:”Europa Press”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897863705.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897863705.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897863705.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897863705.jpg”},”description”:”

Feijóo tras ser elegido nuevo líder del PP con el 98,35% de los votos.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5023696682464456,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”Feijóo tras ser elegido nuevo líder del PP con el 98,35% de los votos”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”CRISTINA QUICLER”,”source”:”AFP”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/2/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/2/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897924520.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897924520.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897924520.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897924520.jpg”},”description”:”

El presidente de la Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, durante su intervención en la segunda jornada del XX Congreso Nacional del PP que se celebra en Sevilla.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”El presidente de la Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, durante su intervención en la segunda jornada del XX Congreso Nacional del PP que se celebra en Sevilla”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”Julio Muñoz”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/3/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/3/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648898940228.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648898940228.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648898940228.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648898940228.jpg”},”description”:”

Foto de familia con la agrupación del PP de Madrid.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”Foto de familia con la agrupación del PP de Madrid”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”Joaquin Corchero”,”source”:”Europa Press”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/4/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/4/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897919997.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897919997.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897919997.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897919997.jpg”},”description”:”

La diputada ucrania Lisa Yasko se dirige al plenario en un homenaje a Ucrania que ha tenido lugar en la segunda jornada del XX Congreso Nacional del PP.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.562191103789127,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”La diputada ucrania Lisa Yasko se dirige al plenario en un homenaje a Ucrania que ha tenido lugar en la segunda jornada del XX Congreso Nacional del PP”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”Julio Muñoz”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/5/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/5/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897924045.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897924045.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897924045.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897924045.jpg”},”description”:”

La presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, conversa con Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.4998105342932928,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”La presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, conversa con Alberto Núñez Feijóo”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”Julio Muñoz”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/6/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/6/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648899360479.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648899360479.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648899360479.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648899360479.jpg”},”description”:”

Pablo Casado vota para elegir al nuevo presidente del PP.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5001431434297166,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”Pablo Casado vota para elegir al nuevo presidente del PP”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”Julio Muñoz”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/7/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/7/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897924517.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897924517.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897924517.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897924517.jpg”},”description”:”

La presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, muestra su voto para elegir a Alberto Núñez Feijóo como nuevo presidente del PP.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”La presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, muestra su voto para elegir a Alberto Núñez Feijóo como nuevo presidente del PP”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”Julio Muñoz”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/8/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/8/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897924388.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897924388.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648897924388.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648897924388.jpg”},”description”:”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo saluda a Pablo Casado ante la presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5003460207612456,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”Alberto Núñez Feijóo saluda a Pablo Casado ante la presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”Julio Muñoz”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/9/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/9/”,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648898820420.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648898820420.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:”https://img2.rtve.es/imagenes/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/1648898820420.jpg”,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1648898820420.jpg”},”description”:”

El presidente saliente del PP, Pablo Casado, saluda a la presidenta de la comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, a la llegada al auditorio en el segundo día del congreso del PP.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”congreso-extraordinario-del-pp”,”alt”:”El presidente saliente del PP, Pablo Casado, saluda a la presidenta de la comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, a la llegada al auditorio en el segundo día del congreso del PP”,”title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”sign”:”JOAQUIN CORCHERO”,”source”:”Europa Press”,”date”:”02.04.2022″,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/10/”,”stats”:{“title”:”Congreso Extraordinario del PP”,”encodedTitle”:”Congreso%20Extraordinario%20del%20PP”,”url”:”https://www.rtve.es/fotogalerias/segunda-jornada-del-xx-congreso-extraordinario-del-pp-foto-foto/218076/congreso-extraordinario-del-pp/10/”,”via”:”rtve”}}]” data-img_server=”https://img2.rtve.es”>

    Extraordinary Congress of the PP

    The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, during his speech at the congress.

    Europe Press

    Extraordinary Congress of the PP

    Feijóo after being elected the new leader of the PP with 98.35% of the votes.


Dealing with Vox and rearming the party, among his great tasks

But Feijoo is “hungry for change.” From today he leaves his native Galicia to make the leap to national politics, a land of quicksand where it remains to be seen if it manages to adapt. And it is that in just three years, up to three national leaders have decided to step aside: in 2019 the former president of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, after the debacle of his party in the generals; later in May 2021, the founder of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, did so; and ultimately his until this Friday party partner Pablo Casado, touched and sunk after the war with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Another of his great tasks will be to deal with Vox, a party that is not present in the Galician Parliament -it is the only community together with the Canary Islands in which those of Abascal do not have representation- but which, according to the polls, it will need at the national level to govern, as has happened in Castilla and Leon. In addition, he will have to sew the wounds of an open match after an internal war from which Feijóo has always wanted to stay out of it.

The still Galician president has already warned that “there is an alternative to the current Spanish policy” and that “he is going to demonstrate it with responsibility, calm and enthusiasm”. For this reason, she has asked to leave behind “the soflamas” and “start working as adults once and for all.” “We have to remove Spanish politics from confrontation and hyperbole,” she pointed out.

For this, he will rely on the former presidents of the Government José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, of whom he has said that they are “his referents”; as well as in the people who will make up his new team, where he gives continuity to Casado’s right-hand man in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, who will be the general secretary of the PP, and places Elías Bendodo, the president’s strong man, as ‘number three’ Andalusian, Juanma Moreno.


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