Feijóo demands “loyalty” and “unity” from the entire PP

“Win and Rule”. That is the objective that the future leader of the Popular Party (PP), Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has set for himself in his new stage at the head of a formation that until just over a month ago was broken into pieces after the internal war between Pablo Casado and Isabel Díaz Ayuso and who now intends to return the absolute majorities of Mariano Rajoy or José María Aznar to their most glorious era. The still Galician president has said that he will give himself “until the last breath” in this purpose, but in return he has demanded a “non-negotiable” condition: “loyalty” and “unity” around the acronym of the PP.

In front of an auditorium with more than 3,000 delegates and between shouts of “president, president”, Feijóo has closed the first day of the XX Extraordinary National Congress of the PP with a speech where has vindicated the “adult” policy, based on “moderation” and in the “serenity”, the one that “puts itself at the service of the citizens”, in the face of the “frivolity” that in his opinion “we now suffer”. “I have not come to conform or to see the policy that we have today as if it were a punishment that we have to bear. I believe that there is an alternative, a possibility of change and we are going to work for it,” he pointed out.

It was his second speech of the day, since he has previously spoken as president of the Xunta, and in it he especially thanked the support received in recent weeks. Precisely that “illusion” and “confidence” on the part of the entire party, together with “the personal aspiration” to “serve his country and his party”, has led him to take a step forward, abandon his land, where he has harvested four absolute majorities, and make a decision that “has not been easy”. “I know that this party is the only alternative to the government and the best thing that can happen to my nation. And that is why I am here,” he added.

Visibly moved, Feijóo took the stage after listening to the outgoing president of the PP, Pablo Casado, the former presidents of the Government Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar, and the regional presidents of the party. All of them have closed ranks around the candidate, with the aim of overcome in record time the biggest crisis that the party has experienced in its entire history and that was blown up after the alleged espionage of the PP leadership to the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for the contracts linked to her brother.

Ask for “loyalty” and “unity”: “Starting with me and the regional presidents”

The president started his speech by reviewing his professional career, where the last 20 years have been active in the PP, a party of which he has said he feels “very proud”. “I would be nothing without my team”, he has claimed, as an example of “common work and collective strength”. “I do not believe in leaders or saviors (…) I believe in the unity of the party. Others are already divided and deified, so I don’t know how to achieve anything“, has underlined.

After several territorial leaders alluded in their speeches to the difficult stage that the party is going through, including Ayuso, who referred to it as “a crisis that never should have existed”, Feijóo has demanded “unity” as a “non-negotiable” condition. “Starting with myself, with the regional presidents and the members of the National Executive Committee,” he added.

Feijóo calls for “loyalty” and “unity” in the new PP: “Starting with me and the regional presidents”

“Today nothing begins”, he said, but “continues the great history of the PP”, and has asked those present to “accept the criticism” and “correct the mistakes that have been made as a party or on behalf of the party.” “The past cannot stiffen us (…) Let’s be fair and respectful of the facts and ourselves. And let’s ask that others are too,” he continued.



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