Feijóo asks the PP to be “prepared” for the general elections

The Popular Party (PP) has launched this Sunday the electoral machinery with its sights set on 2023, once the internal crisis of the formation has ended with the celebration of the congress in Madrid, which elevates Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the definitive jump of Alberto Núñez Feijóo to national politics, with the proclamation of Alfonso Rueda as leader of ranks in Galicia. The ‘popular’ president has urged the bases to “be prepared” because the advancement of the general elections is on the table and in his opinion it will depend on “any eventuality, except what is of interest to Spain.”

Feijóo has closed this Sunday the regional congress of the PP of Galicia, putting an end to almost 16 years of leadership, where he has achieved four consecutive absolute majorities. This act, he has said he, in turn marks the beginning of a “hard stage”, where he has claimed “work and responsibility”. “Here nothing is given away and to the PP, even less,” she stressed.

Despite the fact that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has assured that he will exhaust the legislature, in Feijóo’s opinion this matter will not be in his hands. “It will depend on ERC or Bildu” or that “Yolanda Díaz gets along with Podemos and Podemos with Yolanda”, he suggested, later lamenting that “it is not a phrase, but the Spanish political reality”.

With such a purpose on the horizon, there is “no minute to lose”, he has highlighted and has proposed to his people that “they be prepared”, “always at the order of what the citizens send“. “It’s about winning, about having a project to give confidence to everyone, Andalusians, Galicians, Catalans and Extremadurans, without being accountable to anyone other than the Spanish”, he claimed.

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“A party of principles, united and committed”

This “winning PP”, he has said, wants it to “look like” the model coined for “decades” in Galicia, formed “by the best cadres and the best people”. “A party of principles, united and committed”, summed up the ‘popular’ leader, where “many people fit” because “majorities are built by telling all Spaniards that we are at their service and that if they believe it is worth having a better government.”

And this is what it will offer to the citizens so that they cast the vote of the ‘popular’ in the polls in the next elections: “We are here to govern better, to manage better, to respect more, to never insult us, to protect the institutions, so that the Government is not above the State and so that the President of the Government is the first Spaniard. Not to be, we are to serve “, he has sentenced.

Feijóo has defended “with pride” the initials of his party, against those who “said that they hid them”. “Is there someone who doesn’t know that I was running for the PP?”, he pointed out, to later celebrate that his formation has been “serving Spain for 40 years”. “The parties that do not survive a charismatic leader are not parties. They are simply movements or fashions,” she criticized.

He says goodbye to Galicia after 16 years: “See you always”

The leader of the PP has dedicated part of his speech to praising the career of his successor in Galicia, Alfonso Rueda. Visibly moved, he recalled that it is the first time in 16 years that he has not spoken on this platform as a candidate or president of the Galician PP. “There is a symbolic, affective charge, which you will understand is taking shape at this time”, he has expressed, although he has insisted that the precise thing is to speak “of the future” and not “let oneself be invaded by nostalgia”.

I feel excited, proud and excited

“I feel excited, proud and excited: excited to be here and share a special day for Galicia; proud for a game that was able to prove an exemplary relay; and very excited because I am convinced that we have all the wicks to start a stage successful,” he said.

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At this stage Alfonso Rueda will be in charge, of whom he has said is “a triathlete”, for “knowing for decades the operation” territorial, being “a party person” and “a great guy”. “For me it is an honor to stop calling him Alfonso and from now on call him President Rueda and put myself at your service”, he assured.

Subsequently, the president has used an iconic phrase for the PP, pronounced by Manuel Fraga thirty years ago. “Here there are no guardianships or guardianship, here there is a president of the party, a president of the Xunta, here is a party, a team and a project“, has stood out and has said goodbye to the amphitheater with a “goodbye”.


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