Fed-up doctor slams ‘selfish’ Brits who refuse Covid jab only to end up in hospital

A fed-up medic has come forward to say those on the frontline in hospital wards are at breaking point with anti-vaxxers with every critical-care bed costing the NHS almost £1,500 per day to run

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Colchester: Anti-vaxxers storm hospital to serve ‘legal notices’

Frustration is rapidly growing with the unvaccinated in hospital wards across the county, a senior intensive care consultant has claimed.

One doctor said it’s hard not to feel fury at the “selfishness” of those who decide against protecting themselves and others.

An estimated five million people, or 10 per cent of the eligible population, have not yet have their jabs, stats show.

The government has so far swerved providing the full vaccine status facts behind those who lose their lives to the deadly bug.

But last week Michael Bartley, a critical care matron at King’s College Hospital in London, said “80 to 90 per cent” of Covid patients in the beds he was responsible for were unvaccinated.

Medics on Covid Intensive Care units are at breaking point with the unjabbed, it is claimed



Now another anonymous medic has come forward to say those on the frontline are at breaking point with anti-vaxxers.

Writing in the MailOnline, the high-level heath care progressional said: “Almost all of the Covid patients in my intensive care unit are unvaccinated.

“Of course, in a free society, every adult has a right to refuse medical treatment, even if it could save their life, but it is clear to me that those who do refuse the vaccine should expect to face consequences.

“Let me be blunt: while the Hippocratic Oath obliges me to do my level best for every non-vaccinated patient, it is difficult not to feel impotent fury at the impact their irresponsibility has had on my colleagues and everyone else.

An estimated five million people in the UK have not yet have their vaccines



“As doctors, we cannot choose who to treat – but while some unvaccinated individuals are merely ignorant, others are deeply selfish.”

It comes as a total of 301 Covid-19 admissions were recorded by hospitals in London on December 20, NHS England has said – a 78% week-on-week rise.

Every critical-care bed costs the over-stretched NHS almost £1,500 per day to run.

King’s College’s Mr Bartley stated earlier this week: “We are not here to judge patients – we are here to look after them – but this can be a scary place. If the patient is too unwell, we will take over their breathing, intubating and ventilating them.

The call has been repeated to make sure you get your Covid booster jabs


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“The disease can affect all the organs of the body, and the long-term effects can be devastating. We have a number of patients who have been with us for more than 100 days.

“The age of those who are unvaccinated is about 35 to 65. The message is ‘please get your vaccines’.”

Dr Laura-Jane Smith, who is a respiratory consultant who works on a Covid ward at the same hospital, said she has not sent anyone who has the jabs into intensive care for months.

She told the Guardian on Friday: “I have seen four new patients admitted to the ward this morning aged between 40 and 90. They are all unvaccinated.

“I haven’t sent anyone to intensive care recently who has had any vaccines. Even if people who are vaccinated are getting sick, they’re not getting as sick.

“The ones we are seeing are going home much quicker and with less complications. It’s hard to hear people who are so sick saying: ‘I just wish I had got the vaccine’.”

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