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In the PP it has not gone unnoticed that Vox has decided to support the Budgets of Isabel Díaz Ayuso just a week after knocking down those of Andalusia and at the same time that it refuses to sit down to talk about the municipal accounts with the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. This different standard before governments of the PP worries some leaders of the party, who perceive a strategy of the extreme right to promote the president of Madrid with the aim of delving into the wear and tear of the PP, due to the internal conflict that the Madrid leader has open with Pablo Casado. “Nobody believes in coincidences,” say these voices, who even point to a “concerted” strategy with Ayuso, something that the president’s team categorically denies.

“Vox is empowering Ayuso against the moderate leaders of the PP, such as Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla or José Luis Martínez-Almeida,” warns in this sense a popular leader, who emphasizes that the extreme right has been undemanding in its negotiation with Help for public accounts, because he has agreed to leave out of the agreement the commitment to repeal the LGTBI laws of the Government of Cristina Cifuentes. “They have delivered the Budgets to Ayuso on a platter, renouncing their red lines,” these sources emphasize.

These popular leaders even point out “a concerted strategy by Vox with Ayuso to wear down the PP.” To support this argument, they highlight that at the party after the presentation of the book by Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, current official dissidence in the party after the publication of her latest book, highly critical of the management, the marriage of Vox, Iván, could be seen Espinosa de los Monteros and Rocío Monasterio, as well as the Minister of the Treasury of Ayuso, Javier Fernández Lasquetty. No member of the popular leadership attended. Monasterio, leader of Vox in Madrid, and Lasquetty chatted cordially at Álvarez de Toledo’s party in the capital the night before announcing the agreement for the Madrid Budgets. “Ayuso is the candidate of Vox”, emphasize these popular voices critical of the president and her alliance with the extreme right. In this context of tension, Álvarez de Toledo came out again on Thursday in defense of Ayuso, demanding that she be allowed to preside over the PP in Madrid. In the direction of the PP they complain that the deputy does not tire of speaking. “He wants to feed controversy to sell books.”

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In the dome of Casado there are also other interpretations of Ayuso’s pact with Vox. It is not about the ultras wanting to empower the Madrilenian leader, say members of the management, but that in Andalusia the extreme right “has wanted to force elections” and in the Madrid City Council “the Vox leadership does not control its leader, Javier Ortega Smith ”. The popular Andalusians agree that, in their case, what has most weighed on Vox’s decision has been “electoral tacticism”, because Santiago Abascal knows that there will be elections next year. They also admit that the Andalusian PP is less like Vox than that of Madrid and that “they may have been concerned that the idea that they have formed a clamp with the PSOE in Andalusia to knock down the accounts”.

Ayuso’s team for its part denies any agreement with Vox to wear down Casado and other more moderate barons of the PP and attributes their agreement to “the simple ability to negotiate and patience.” “The president has had it, and others have not. There have been many months of negotiation here, many conversations, many calls, the Monastery has been left to have the leading role … ”, sources from Puerta del Sol point out.

The internal tension does not abate and on Thursday the general secretary of the formation, Teodoro García Egea, assured that he will “personally” ensure that the entire PP, down to the last militant, is focused on “the problems of the people” and “on absolutely nothing more, ”he said in relation to the internal conflict. This Friday, Casado will send two vice secretaries to the act for the Constitution held by Ayuso in Puerta del Sol, while he meets in Larnaca with the President of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades.

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