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Neither a good version of João Félix, nor a match with the ambition demanded of him, prevented Atlético’s fourth consecutive defeat. Fatality seems to have made a dent in the crisis that Simeone’s team is going through, who today celebrates ten years at the helm of the rojiblanco bench. In a decade there had not been so much setback and so much setback.



Luis Maximiano, Germán, Carlos Neva, Santiago Arias (Víctor Díaz, min. 45), Raúl Torrente, Puertas, Machís (Escudero, min. 65), Isma Ruiz (Monchu, min. 78), Luis Milla, Luis Suárez (Bacca , min. 89) and Jorge Molina (Eteki, min. 78)



Oblak, Kondogbia (Héctor Herrera, min. 67), Mario Hermoso, Felipe Monteiro, Lemar, Koke, Carrasco (Renan Augusto, min. 77), Trippier, De Paul (Correa, min. 67), João Félix and Luis Suárez ( Matheus Cunha, 67)

Goals 0-1 min. 1: John Felix. 1-1 min. 16: Machís. 2-1 min. 60: Jorge Molina.

Referee Alejandro José Hernández Hernández

Yellow cards De Paul (min. 6), Luis Maximiano (min. 65), Isma Ruiz (min. 68), Monchu (min. 85) and Raúl Torrente (min. 94)

Enabled by a good filtered pass from Lemar, it was João Félix who broke the game after three minutes with a very his own play. A control oriented to turn and crunch Germán’s waist, a fine drive and a low, crossed and placed shot to catch Maximiano’s counterfoot. Against all the defense of Granada, the Portuguese was as decisive as his coach demands.

Atlético did not ride the wave of João Félix’s good maneuver. Quite the opposite. He took his famous step back. It does not matter whether the order comes from the coach or whether his players, listening to it, have internalized and mechanized it. Suddenly, the game was Granada. From the criteria of Luis Milla, from the goads of Machís and Luis Suárez and from the office of Jorge Molina. Atlético’s comatose state came to flourish.

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The losses of Koke and De Paul followed one another as in previous games and the champion offered signs that he was not holding up on defense. He ended up cracking in a counter that Granada made without there being a Simeone player to stop it. They swiped the ball from Carrasco in the area, Milla enabled Jorge Molina and he gave Machís a reel to run unopposed through the eight lane. When he showed up within a couple of yards into the box, De Paul ate the cutout and Oblak landed another tight spanking.

Another goal and another X-ray of the defensive game pastry chef that is ruining the rojiblanca season. It is no longer known if the problem is the forcefulness of the defenders or how little it costs rivals to appear in attack. The diagnosis is complex, because this Atlético, as its midfielders are failing, it is difficult for them to defend themselves with the ball. De Paul’s case is alarming, because precision in touch is one of his virtues. Digging in in their own field is not going well for Atlético either because it is no longer that union team in the defense of all spaces.

This time, at least, the goal against shook the rojiblancos. The need to add three at a time from now on overturned him on the Granada field. The pride flag was picked up by João Félix, which ignited. First he began to give continuity to the game by delaying. Then he jumped into the wild area playing the limit of offside. A goal was annulled in a combed lateral foul that he finished off at the far post, winning the jump over Luis Suárez. The jump was clean, but it left a loose hand that the assistant judged was enough for the Colombian to not be able to jump. The VAR, in the new policy implemented by Medina Cantalejo, did not intervene. The Portuguese still had time for a header adjusted to the strain of the post that Maximiano repelled.

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Molina’s nose

Atlético emerged from the break as sharp as it was and once again with João Félix in command, it settled in the opposite field. After several arreones, the Portuguese took a low right hand that triggered the fatality that now accompanies Simeone and his footballers. The rebound of the wood became a volley that Kondogbia could not control at the height of the center of the field. Carnaza for a counter that Granada interpreted with the open manual billed between Puerta and the Colombian Luis Suárez. Jorge Molina, stumbled and pushed the Colombian center from the ground. The VAR had to determine if the veteran scorer was offside.

With the blow, Atlético maintained its offensive determination and tried to redouble it with Simeone’s changes. Correa, Herrera and Cunha entered for De Paul, Kondogbia and Luis Suárez. This time the Uruguayan did not put on the show of his unease as in Seville. Eight games he has not scored, something as worrying as the little weight he is having in the area and its surroundings. Atlético’s charge barely found loopholes. And when he managed to detect a hole, he was misguided. Correa, alone in the front of the small area, wasted a precise jump rope from Lemar. Fatality begins to be another element of the crisis suffered by the rojiblancos. The Granada, well bolted, let time go by. Atlético was exposed to the cons and Luis Suárez forced Oblak to put one of those prodigious hands that this season are not so frequent. Another blow would have been too much for Simeone’s team. Cunha, with a lot of door to hole, wasted a rejection of Maximiano and certified that bad fario coexists with this Atlético.

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