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The Valencian company Fartons Polo and its Panettone Gold Medal has been awarded five panettonis, thanks to the high score obtained, in the contest for the best Artisan Panettone in Italy “Mastro Panettone”, competing with the best master craftsmen in Italy.

Mastro Panettone is an event organized by the Goloasi.it portal and linked to the world of artisan pastry. Starting from its first edition, held in 2017, it brings together pastry chefs to choose and award the “Best traditional artisan panettone” of the year.

Last year Fartons Polo won the Gold Category, with a score of 9.5, in the II International Championship of the Best Panettone in the World. This is the highest recognition of this sweet of Milanese origin, which for the first time had been achieved by a Spanish company, among more than 300 participants from all over the world.

Panettone Winner / Fartons Polo

“Discovery of the year: Chocolate Panettone”

The Chocolate Panettone is this year’s innovation. A spectacular and seasonal artisan panettone, a new version of the Gold Medal raisin and orange panettone, awarded in 2020 Gold Category in the II International Championship of the Best Panettone in the World, and that from December 1 will be available through of the web and some stores of all the provinces of Spain.

The Chocolate Panettone is made with the same artisan processes and using only natural ingredients, without preservatives and without colorings. It is made with homemade sourdough, fresh and fed throughout the year. Each moment of the elaboration is treated with delicacy and that is reflected in the delicious flavor. The mixture of ingredients such as wheat flour, butter, fresh milk, Tahiti vanilla beans and limited edition dark chocolate.

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10 years making panettones

Fartons Polo has been making panettones for more than a decade, both in its classic version and with chocolate chips. Years of experience but also of training and learning through different courses with pastry chefs from all over the world and whose technique he has perfected to make one of the best panettones in the world. The panettone Polo can be found on the Fartons Polo website and at the “La Huertana 1960” stall, located in the Central Market of Valencia.

This Gold Medal Panettone began to be forged in the summer of 2019. “We embarked with great enthusiasm in the creation of an artisan panettone with homemade sourdough, fresh and fed throughout the year”, they affirm. But, they explain, “we could not evaluate ourselves objectively and we thought that someone outside could judge in a better way. The idea then arose to present ourselves to some highly recognized contest, and that is how in 2020 we achieved Gold Category in the II International Championship of the Best Panettone in the World. And in 2021 we decided to present ourselves to a different contest to confirm the good results obtained in the previous year ”.

The secret, the processes and the mixing of the ingredients: wheat flour, butter, sugar, raisins, water, egg yolk, fresh sourdough, candied orange, fresh milk, honey, salt, orange and lemon zest, vanilla from Tahiti and cream. Hazelnuts, almonds, sugar, egg white and corn flour have been used for the decoration.

Polo fartons

At Fartons Polo they have been producing their natural products for more than 50 years with the aim of feeding generations of families in a healthy and natural way. Currently, the company has more than 120 workers and has opted for the diversification of products and the cultivation of tigernut. In 2016 Fartons Polo presented Or, Xata, its own tigernut-based horchata with DO Valencia and later launched a liqueur and a craft beer with tigernut.

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