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In one of the programs Late Motiv last year, the teacher Joao read the future to Andreu Buenafuente, although instead of in the hand, in the ass. In front of his audience, with his pants around his ankles and his guest on his back, Buenafuente lowered the back of his underpants so that the fortune-teller could proceed and the teacher Joao declared: “You have two little marks of new things that come to you. One that had been proposed for a while and was paralyzed, but that comes now and that comes with force ”. Then he guessed that he ate the coconut a lot, a prediction for which he did not need to look at that ass, but rather another.

The documentary The ass of the world, An analysis of Buenafuente’s neuroses and fears, which are those of the majority of comedians, part of an email that the presenter received from a follower of his work who said he lived in the same way. In the film, Concha Velasco unceremoniously acknowledged something that she recounted this year in Blood ties: that after a very bad personal streak after her divorce from Paco Marsó, she had tried to commit suicide in a hotel room, but when she changed the channel and saw Buenafuente, laughter led her to vomit everything she had swallowed. It may seem presumptuous to tell it yourself, but how not to do it, what gallons.

This week Late Motiv He has done a gypsy wedding farewell, and that half of the plans have been hung up on omicron. Three national treasures have passed through the set: Miguel Rellán, Pedro Almodóvar and Joan Manuel Serrat. Almodóvar even managed to get the desire to make him laugh again by fabulating a hypothetical joint work – “you would drag me into comedy again, now that I have gotten into a tunnel full of dramas” -. Many of his regular comedians have also said goodbye to him in front of the cameras: Berto, Raúl Cimas, Victoria Martín, Laura Márquez, Pere Aznar, Coronas, Carlo Padial and Raúl Díaz. Among the non-regulars, Pedro Sánchez, who wanted to enter a video call to thank him for his work. Buenafuente could have asked Lauren Postigo what Paca Carmona said: “Have you come to sink me or bring me out?”, But he was left with a correct “we have a program to do and you have a program to fulfill.”

Silvia Abril, Joana Buenafuente and Andreu Buenafuente, in the last 'Late Motiv'.
Silvia Abril, Joana Buenafuente and Andreu Buenafuente, in the last ‘Late Motiv’.

That program to do brought a surprise guest, Joana Buenafuente, the daughter of the presenter and Silvia Abril, who emulated her mother as a child of Shrek. The girl of the girl Shrek He asked his father to endeavor to make clever humor. Buenafuente has spent 30 years doing humor at times smart and at times silly, which is often the funniest. And black humor, as well as the future of late night in a grill as out of step as the Spanish one, in which until today a late at eleven o’clock at night and programs prime time that end at two in the morning. It is paradoxical that formats that gain in their linear broadcast such as realities and the late are finding your site on platforms that don’t have it.

In any case, if Buenafuente has shown something in his more than three decades of television in tow, it is that he knows how to adapt to changes. It has been on TV3 when TV3 was a leading regional channel – it was thanks largely to El Terrat de Location Bruts and of One more thing—, by Antena 3 and by La Sexta. Where he will go now is a mystery that will have to be asked to the teacher Joao, because staying at home is not his thing. If you don’t do it for him, you can do it for Concha Velasco. Or for your entire team.

But he will think about it tomorrow. When God closes a door, before looking for the window, it is not bad to show him your ass.

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