Fans concerned for popstar Kylie Minogue over Conor McGregor friendship

Kylie Minogue fans have expressed concern for the popstar over her friendship with UFC star Conor McGregor at Cannes Film Festival.

The Australian singer joined a whole host of A-Listers for the world premiere of Baz Lurman’s Elvis blockbuster, where she posed for photos alongside the former two-weight world champion.

The Spinning Around singer was photographed alongside McGregor, and his fiancé Dee Devlin as the trio looked glamorous in their designer gear,

However, Kylie’s fans were disappointed over her friendship with the controversial Irish fighter.

McGregor has become known for appearing on the front pages as much as the back throughout his career, and has rubbed many up the wrong way with his brash antics on his way to stardom in the sport, writes the Mirror.

The two were hanging out at the Cannes Film Festival

While Minogue had the support of her sister in hanging out with McGregor, who wrote “Yasssss” underneath the picture, most fans were concerned for the singer.

One wrote “Kylie what is this? This isn’t you,” while another added “Kylie is gorg [sic] but he’s… not the one.”

A number of fans said that the pairing was “not it”, and another wrote “get him away from her”.

McGregor himself commented with a love heart emoji on the picture, and shared photos of his own declaring that Minogue and Devlin were “the most beautiful and iconic”.

She commented back to McGregor saying “Yasssss! So nice to see you both!” His fans of her were generally much more supportive of the Aussie singer than hers were of the Irishman.

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McGregor has been enjoying his time away from the octagon hobnobbing with celebrities as he works towards his return from a broken leg.

Last year he was pictured hanging out with Justin Bieber and 2 Chainz at his Los Angeles hotel, and even flew across America to present Bieber with a Video Music Award in New York.

Prior to his fight with Dustin Poirier last summer, the Irishman insisted that he was not a celebrity, declaring that it was a “mistake” to reference him as such.

He told Stephen A Smith of ESPN: “There’s no celebrity, there’s no fame – that thing is nothing, nothing, not even on the radar of anything.

“Fame and celebrity are just pitfalls of it, but I am no celebrity. People mistake me for a celebrity, I break people’s faces for money and bounce. That’s what I do.”

It echoed comments from a 2017 GQ cover article where he mocked people’s interest in reality TV stars like the Kardashians. In that discussion, McGregor made the same statement about what it is that he does and insisted that he is not a celebrity.

McGregor’s octagon return has no date as yet. But he has been bulking up during the training that he’s been able to do and told Mirror Fighting last month that his comeback will be at welterweight as opposed to lightweight, where he is a former world champion.

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