Family of tot with huge ‘wolf-like’ facial birthmark raise £17,000 for removal

Lilly Owens, an adorable tot, aged two, from Ammanford in Wales, was born with a condition that left a large ‘wolf-like’ mark on her face and now her family have raised the money to remove it to save her from years of ‘cruel words, stares and bullying from other children as well as adults’

A pretty two-year-old girl with a huge hairy
Two-year-old Lilly was born with a rare condition which left her with a ‘wolf-like’ mark on her face

The family of a toddler born with a rare condition have raised £17,000 to remove a large facial skin lesion after the NHS refused to cover the cost.

Lilly Owens, two, was born with a rare condition that left her with a “wolf-like” mark across her cheek.

Parents Aarron and Katie feared that she would face years of cruel taunts and stares.

But they were told health service medics could not remove it until Lilly becomes a teenager and can make the decision herself.

They then discovered surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London could do it privately and set about raising the £17,000 they required.

A total of £17,000 was raised to pay for the private surgery procedure at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London



The funds were collected from “friends, family, colleagues and even strangers”, according to the parents.

Katie said of the NHS’s decision: “It was hard as for the next 10-12 years she must go through the cruel words, stares and bullying from children and adults.

“The effect on Lilly’s mental health is unthinkable.”

Mother-of-three Katie said privately-funded consultations have now given the family “answers and reassurance” about the options available.

She said: “These consultations, unfortunately, had to be privately funded but have not only given us answers and reassurance but have also highlighted the options available to Lilly, with recommendations that the operations are undertaken, and the sooner the better.

“Even after presenting the findings and recommendations of Lilly’s condition to the local health board, they have still refused to support and fund the operations Lilly is entitled to meaning we as parents must try and find these funds ourselves.”

Lilly will have ‘two or three’ facial skin graft surgeries to treat her condition



Lilly will now have “two or three” facial skin graft surgeries to treat the condition.

Their appeal said: “The nevus skin is fragile, can become itchy, produce thick hair, and some may even lack sweat glands which can cause overheating.

“We are lucky that to date apart from the continuous trim of Lilly’s facial hair on the nevus, Lilly’s health is good.

“This procedure will not only change Lilly’s appearance but will also hugely reduce the risk of health complications that could arise from her condition.”

Lilly’s parents said they were forced to ‘bite their pride’ to get their child the treatment she needs to avoid cruel torment and bullying



Lilly’s parent’s said they were forced to “bite their pride” and set up a fundraising page to get Lilly the treatment.

Aarron said: “We have both always worked and supported ourselves but this is something we have to do for our daughter.”

Lilly, of Ammanford, South Wales, has congenital melanocytic nevus, which produces benign, tumour-like lesions.

The decision over funding the surgery on the NHS was made by Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee, which declined to comment on the case.

A WHSSC spokeswoman said they are unable to comment on individual patient cases.

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