Family crushed by 4th suicide after man, 25, takes his own life 10 years after dad died

WARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT: Pat Kenny, 25, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, took his own life in February last year after three of his male relatives killed themselves over a 40-year period

Pat Kenny took his own life last year after battling depression following his father's suicide
Pat Kenny took his own life last year after battling depression following his father’s suicide

A 25-year-old man became the fourth member of his family to kill himself when he took his own life last year.

Pat Kenny, 25, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, died in February 2020 after battling depression following his father’s suicide in 2010.

His grandfather also took his own life in 1980, followed by another male relative in 2002, HertsLive reports.

Pat’s brother George is now embarking on a 350-mile sponsored walk for a suicide prevention charity in memory of his ‘beautiful’ sibling.

Speaking about his brother’s death, George wrote on a fundraiser page: “Suicide was impacting those closest to me even before I was born.

“My maternal grandad took his own life the year before I was born and my mum, then a 17 year old girl, discovered his body.

Pat was loved by all and brightened people’s days, his family said



“Fast forward 22 years and my mum’s favourite maternal uncle killed himself just as my grandad had all those years before.

“This was devastating for her. Fast forward another eight years and the man I called dad, my mum’s ex-husband and Pat’s dad also took his own life.

“Then we come to 2020 and we lose Pat, beautiful Pat to suicide, the youngest of all four males from the same family over a 40-year period to take their own lives.”

Pat was born in Glasgow and had a childhood like any other, he was really bright at school and had a natural gift when it came to his education.

He was loved by all and continued brightening people’s days when he moved from Scotland to England at the age of nine.

Pat’s brother George and sister-in-law Cindy are now embarking on a sponsored walk in memory of the 25-year-old



When Pat was 16 he faced a very tragic incident – he was just about to sit his GCSEs when his father took his own life in 2010.

Pat had not been aware of his father’s struggles and spent the next eight years working through his grief alone, something that his George and sister-in-law Cindy noticed.

He had gone from really happy and bouncy, smart and popular to someone who struggled openly with depression and found life tough following his loss.

In 2020 Cindy and the family noticed that Pat, who was then living in Cambridgeshire, seemed to be doing better. Overall he was a more positive person.

However the family was tragically rocked with grief again soon after.

Pat took his own life on February 7, 2020, at the age of 25 which saw the family and wider community devastated.

Cindy said they had noticed some changes in Pat’s mood before the tragedy and it was only when he didn’t come home from a night out that they got concerned.

She said: “At the time, he’d had some ups and downs but at the time we all thought he was going through a brighter period so we were all so shocked when he didn’t come home.

“It took us about five weeks to find him.”

Pat had gone for an evening with friends and didn’t come home, his partner had rang the family concerned for his welfare and by the time morning came that’s when the family became worried.

“He went out for an evening with friends and he just didn’t come home,” continued Cindy.

“His partner rung concerned. As time went on we thought oh no something is wrong, he hasn’t come home. Slowly, the panic grew.

“By the time early morning came the next day, we thought oh no, he is missing.”

Pat was then found in a river following investigations into CCTV footage.

Cindy, a former mental health nurse and now a paramedic of 15 years, said on her fundraiser page: “You see I have seen a lot of sadness and hurt, as previously I was a mental health nurse and I’m now a Paramedic of 15 years experience, I have had to break terrible news to families, but none of it will come close to the news I had to break that day.”

In a bid to raise vital awareness for suicide prevention, Cindy and George, who live in Buckinghamshire, are embarking on a 350-mile journey over two weeks.

Starting at the house where Pat’s mother went into labour with him in Glasgow and next door to the house where George and Pat’s grandad sadly took his own life in December 1980, the couple will walk across two towns and pass through all the areas where they lost a family member to commemorate their lives.

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‘Pacing4Pat350’ is a fundraiser set up by George and Cindy with the hopes that they can raise money for vital suicide prevention charities such as Hector’s House, a mental health and suicide prevention charity in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

Cindy and George commended the police for their efforts to find Pat and want to help those in need who may also be struggling.

She said: “Hopefully we will fundraise vital pennies they need, but also make people aware Hector’s House is there.”

“Make people aware that there is help out there.

“The more and more people we meet, the more people we realise are affected by this.

“It’s such a big problem that still isn’t talked about enough, for us if we can make a difference to one person, then for us, that’s the main thing.”

Pat and George are hoping to raise £3,500 for Hector’s House, a charity set up in memory of 18-year-old Hector Stringer who took his life.

The charity aims to prevent suicide and better understand the stigmas around mental health through education, awareness and support.

To donate to George and Cindy’s fundraiser, click here.

The Samaritans is available 24/7 if you need to talk. You can contact them for free by calling 116 123, email [email protected] or head to the website to find your nearest branch. You matter.

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