Families of the missing sailors ask the Government to search for them

The suspension of the search for Villa de Pitanxo has mobilized the families of the shipwreck victimsoccurred off the coast of Newfoundland, on Canada. Thus, several representatives of the missing crew members have demanded that resume search immediately and that means are contracted or sent from Spanish territory: “we will not abandon them“.

Am I a citizen of Canada or Spain? Where is Spain?“, asked María José de Pazo, daughter of the chief engineer, one of those who disappeared in the shipwreck. Together with other families, she went this Friday morning to the Headquarters of the Government Subdelegation in Pontevedra to perform a symbolic act of support for families and demand a meeting with Maica Larriba, with whom they have sat down to address the situation.

Families ask foracts” and that the central government “reacts”, as reported by Europa Press. “Every hour that passes, it’s a world there, please, what are you waiting for? I make a appeal to ministers, they have to be involved and they are not“, asked María José, who has expressly addressed the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Transport and Labor, the Galician Yolanda Díaz.

María José de Pazo has stated that it is “unheard of” that receive the information by the Government of Canada before that of Spain. “Yesterday they didn’t inform us of anything, that’s why we came here today,” emphasized the chief engineer’s daughter, who “demanded answers now; deeds, not words.”

Thus, he has quoted a widow that he lamented that “these were not elections”, because “if there were elections, President Sánchez, the Minister of Labor would be here…”. “There are twelve workers who are being abandoned, who lost their lives for their work and their families. Where is the Galician minister?“, he asserted.

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The families want greater involvement, that the government hold an urgent meeting, that they get in touch with the families and “agree to send planes, frigates, look for them, that they hire resources there.”

It has also raised the option that financially compensate at Business that they have boats there so they can collaborate on searches, as they have already done in the first few hours “for free, because it costs nothing, because they empathize”. “There has to be a dialogue, an interest, we are abandoned, we have no information“, he has claimed.

Families of missing Newfoundland sailors call for search to resume – Watch Now

Family members ask that the search “not be shelved”

“We want proposals, not shelving. They want to file this and we are not going to abandon them,” said de Pazo, who has wondered why a frigate can be sent to Ukraine and not to look for compatriots from a shipwreckregarding what he has recalled that they are citizens of a Spanish-flagged ship and were enrolled in the Captaincy of Marín.

I just come, like my colleagues, to look for solutions. It is a pain and a stress to have a loss and to see that there are widows with little children, and to beg. This is still nailing us more pain. There is no humanity. They are not doing anything, please, react now!”, de Pazo has claimed.

Another of those close to the victims of the shipwreck that approached this Friday is Kevin, son of Rogelio Franco’s partnerwho had been working on the ship for about 18 years and was kitchen assistant, according to the young man. “The answer we want is for the search to resume and the bodies to be recovered.. It’s all we ask for right now,” he proclaimed.

Support from the Mayor of Pontevedra

The relatives of the victims of the shipwreck receive support for their demands from relatives and public representatives. Thus, the Mayor of PontevedraMiguel Anxo Fernandez Lores, has offered them the support of the institution in an absolutely dramatic situation“. “It is a stressful situation and it is perfectly understandable that they demand that a greater search effort be made,” said the alderman.

People who know the harsh conditions of work at sea, such as Carmen Carracelas, whose husband also works on board, have approached the doors of the Government Subdelegation this Friday morning to support them “in such a difficult time” because for families “would be a comfort and they would feel it differently” if they can “watch over and bury the relatives with dignity”.

Families have also started a petition on the Change.org platform, with support also from the town halls, such as Marín, who shared it on social networks, to achieve 10,000 signatures in order to demand the reactivation of the search of the missing crew members, an objective that at 12:30 p.m. they had practically achieved.

The search will resume when the weather permits.

The Government delegate in Galicia, José Miñones, reported this Friday that “as soon as weather conditions allowI know will resume the search for the twelve crew members of the Villa de Pitanxo, which was canceled last Wednesday after 36 hours of tracking.

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This is what he said when asked in Cenlle (Ourense), a place he visited for his participation in an act on thermal tourism, and there the high commissioner indicated that this has been made possible by the minister’s talks Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares, with her Canadian counterpart, Melanie Joy.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself, the minister himself, in the conversations he was having yesterday with his counterpart… well, as soon as weather conditions allow, they are going to resume that search, so we can confirm that“, has said.

“In the same way that we can confirm – Miñones continued – that the General Secretary of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries yesterday with the visit of the minister (Planas, to Vigo) also promised to try to mobilize the greatest number of media possible fishing”.

Thus, he has reported, they have been sent on this day “three fishing boats that are going to reinforce that securitythat vigilance in the search”, two from Cangas and one from Vigo.


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