Falkirk Election 2022: Who can I vote for? All the candidates standing for election

On Thursday, May 5, voters will go to the polls to choose from 63 candidates hoping to be elected as one of the 30 members of Falkirk Council.

The SNP is fielding 16 candidates, Labor has 11 candidates, while the Conservative & Unionists have ten. The Scottish Green Party, looking for its first seat in the Falkirk area, is fielding nine candidates. There are also four Liberal Democrats, three Alba and one UKIP.

There are also nine Independent candidates. Two of them are councilors who are seeking re-election despite ending their party affiliations – John McLuckie, formerly Labour, will stand in the Upper Braes while Ann Ritchie, formerly SNP, will stand in Bo’ness.

Polling will take place between the hours of 7am and 10pm on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

Applications to register to vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by midnight on Monday 18 April 2022.

Bo’ness and Blackness (Ward 1) – three councilors to be elected

David Aitchison, Scottish Labor Party;

Stacey Devine, SNP;

Lynn Munro, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Debra Pickering, Scottish Green Party;

Nicholas William Pitts, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Ann Ritchie, Independent

Grangemouth (Ward 2) – three councilors to be elected

David Balfour, Scottish National Party;

Marc Bozza, Independent;

Mandy Bryson, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

John Haston. Scottish National Party (SNP);

Martin Stuart, UKIP;

Alan Nimmo, Scottish Labor Party;

Robert Spears, Independent;

Rhys Stenhouse, Scottish Green Party

Denny and Banknock (Ward 3) – four councilors to be elected

Fiona Collie, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Paul Garner, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Nigel Harris, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Rachel Hart, Scottish Green Party;

Alf Kelly, Scottish Labor Party;

James Marshall, Scottish Labor Party;

Brian McCabe, Denny and Banknock

Carse, Kinnaird and Tryst (Ward 4) – four councilors to be elected

Margaret Anslow, Scottish Labor Party;

Gary Bouse, Scottish National Party (SNP);

James Flynn, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Robert Kemp, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Sean McCay, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Tom McLaughlin, Scottish Green Party;

Laura Murtagh, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Bonnybridge and Larbert (Ward 5) – three councilors to be elected

Billy Buchanan, Independent;

Bryan Deakin, Scottish National Party (SNP);

David Grant, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Jim Muir, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Jack Redmond, Scottish Labor Party;

David Robertson, Scottish Green Party;

Arshad Zohaib, Alba Party for independence;

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Falkirk North (Ward 6) – four councilors to be elected

Robert Bissett, Scottish Labor Party;

James Bundy, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Robbie Burgess, Scottish Labor Party;

Judith McLaughlin, Scottish Green Party;

Cecil Meiklejohn, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Iain Sinclair, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Falkirk South (Ward 7) – three councilors to be elected

Lorna Binnie, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Sarah Patrick, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Emma Russell, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Euan Stainbank, Scottish Labor Party;

Hunter Thomson, Scottish Green Party;

Richard Wilson, Independent;

Lower Braes (Ward 8) – three councilors to be elected

Scott Fallon, Alba Party for Independence;

Gordon Forrest, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Anne Hannah, Scottish Labor Party;

James Kerr, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Adanna McCue, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Doug Sheehan, Scottish Green Party;

Hunter Ashley, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Ward 9 – Upper Braes (Ward 9) – three councilors to be elected

Claire Brown, Scottish Conservative and Unionist;

Ian Kennedy, Independent;

Rachel Kidd, Scottish Green Party;

John McLuckie, Independent;

Siobhan Paterson, Scottish Labor Party;

Austin Reid, Scottish Liberal Democrats;

Jim Robertson, Scottish National Party (SNP);

Colin Todd, Alba Party for Independence;

Mark Tunnicliff, Independent.


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