Explosion in the Salamanca district of Madrid


Firefighters of the Madrid City Council the two missing workers have been found dead in the explosion recorded this afternoon on General Pardiñas street, in the Salamanca district, in Madrid, as confirmed by the Mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez Almeida.

At this time, “the fundamental priority of the fire department is to prop up the building so that there is no structural risk,” Almeida said.

The main hypothesis with which it works is a gas leak. As it is an occupational accident, the investigation is carried out by the Judicial Police Unit of the Madrid Municipal Police.

These are the two young people who were working on plumbing work in that building at number 35. Apparently, the police dogs marked an area of ​​one of the patios littered with rubble where these employees were supposed to have fallen by the force of the deflagration.

A psychologist from Samur has provided assistance to the relatives of the two deceased people to cushion the emotional impact in a situation as dramatic as the one they have experienced.

After the canine marking, the Firefighters have removed debris by hand and with rakes, since they cannot use heavy materials due to the instability of the building and have managed to find one of the missing persons, who they have taken out on a stretcher.

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The explosion has so far resulted in 18 people injured, one with a serious prognosis, and two deceased.

Causes unknown

At the moment the causes of the incident are unknown, although the hypothesis of a gas leak is being worked on, the origin of which could be found in some works that were being carried out in the building, as indicated by the Madrid mayor, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida. The leader of the Consistory has specified that the building has structural damage and the firefighters have carried out felling, consolidation and debris removal work.

For this they have requested the collaboration of drones of the Municipal Police, as well as dogs that can detect people who could be inside the building at the moment. Almeida has pointed out that there have been no more personal injuries than those of the people who were inside the building, despite the fact that there is debris outside the building and a window that has moved eighty feet from the property.

In the block they have worked various City Fire Departmentsas well as Samur-Civil Protection, which have treated several injured people, most of them minor, for whom a field hospital has been set up in the area.

The deputy director of Samur-PC, carmen camacho, has confirmed that 18 wounded have been treated, of which four have been transferred to hospitals. Three of them, to the Hospital de La Princesa: an 84-year-old man, with a serious prognosis, who has polytraumatisms and who has been admitted directly to the ICU; a 77-year-old woman with cranioencephalic polytrauma, pending evolution; and a 44-year-old woman with minor leg injuries who has already been discharged.

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The Gregorio Marañón Hospital has discharged the pregnant woman who was under observation after presenting abdominal pain and lightheadedness. A medical examination and assessment was carried out by the hospital’s Gynecology and Obstetrics Service, which was normal and without pathology. She has also been evaluated by the Otorhinolaryngology Service due to continuous discomfort in her ears. After the stabilization and favorable evolution of her, and the stable situation of the fetus, she has been able to go home.

After what happened, both the residents of the damaged building and those of the adjoining buildings will not be able to return to their homes tonight. Samur Social has spoken with 74 people, of which only one couple has asked to be housed.

“Something was moving on the ground”

The explosion was recorded at 1:30 p.m. in the building located at the confluence between General Pardiñas and Ayala streets, where Material damage to street furniture and parked vehicles in the zone.

The firefighters of the Madrid City Council have rescued five people through the facade and inside

Emergency Madrid sources have confirmed that the school Our Lady of Loreto, very close to the scene of the accident, It has been evicted just after the explosion, but after a short while the children have returned to their classes calmly, according to what a mother who takes her son to this center told Efe.

His 6-year-old son explained that they all heard “a loud noise, an explosion” and some noticed “some movement on the ground”, but most were not scared. Shortly after, they were told that they had to go outside, where they stayed for a while until they went back inside. Only some little ones have become somewhat nervous and have cried, said the student.

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The school has notified the parents first thing in the afternoon through a letter, reassuring them because neither the child nor the center had been damaged, “except for a few scratches in some students who were in the playground at that time, because some crystals reached the playground”. It was recommended that they pick up the children before the usual time, although if the parents could not, there was no problem because they were fine at school taken care of, the notice said.

The Municipal Police of Madrid is in charge of cut traffic to facilitate the work of the emergency services, which have been coordinated by activating the Complex Incident Procedure protocol by the City Council.


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