Ex-lover caged after Scottish mother was acquitted of a horrific murder and left lifeless in a pool of blood

A former lover who tracked down an acquitted mother of a gruesome murder at her ‘safe house’ and left her lifeless in a pool of blood has been jailed for three years.

Angela Newlands’ skull was clearly visible after Tommy Doyle repeatedly punched her so hard that chunks of her flesh were ripped out during the Valentine’s Day attack.

Newlands had been in a violent relationship with Doyle and believed that she had escaped his clutches after spending time in a shelter before being rehoused in a “safe” cabin.

But Doyle, who was furious after discovering that she had given birth to another man’s child days earlier, found out where she lived and passed her makeshift roadblock.

Sheriff Euan Duthie also imposed an additional 12 months supervised release to “protect the public”, saying: “This is a clearly heinous crime.

“You forced your way into Ms Newlands’ home, terrified her and struck her with a wooden object. This caused her to lose consciousness and sustain a significant head injury.

“His injuries included a three-inch laceration to his head, through which his skull was visible. It was only by luck that he survived the attack and is not in High Court. Needless to say, only a custodian sentence is suitable.” “.

Doyle, 41, a prisoner in Perth, admitted breaking into 1 Duchlage Road, Crieff, and assaulting his ex-partner by hitting her on the head and body with a wooden stick.

He admitted knocking her unconscious and tossing her to the ground, before kicking her in the body and causing serious injuries, while out on bail.

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Doyle further admitted to acting in a threatening or abusive manner by being racist towards the police and using the phrase “bald-headed Scottish bastard”.

Deputy Prosecutor Matthew Kerr told Perth Sheriff’s Court: “They had been in a relationship for just over a year but it ended in October 2020. They were not in a relationship at the time.”

Tommy Doyle tracked down murder mystery defendant Angela Newlands and left her in a pool of blood at his 'safe house'.
tommy doyle

“She was placed in a shelter as a victim of domestic assault and coercive control. She returned to Perthshire and was told they did not know her location.”

Mrs. Newlands was home alone on Valentine’s Day and watching television when Doyle appeared drunk and demanded entry. Despite blocking the door with a washing machine, Doyle was able to break a window and force his way inside.

Kerr said: “He heard the glass pane shatter and his face appeared in the broken window. He reached in, turned the key and opened the door.”

Mrs. Newlands offered Doyle money to try to get rid of him, but he drunkenly muttered insults about her “making fun of him by having a baby with another man”.

Kerr said he saw Doyle with a wooden object in her hand and hit her with it. A neighbor heard a bang, a woman’s scream and a man’s voice screaming, and they called the police.

The court was told that the next memory he had was in another room with a police officer. There were blood spatters in various parts of the cabin.

Doyle claimed that the blood was the result of “ten men” trying to enter the home and that a broken skylight had left shattered glass throughout the property.

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“Officers saw Ms. Newlands lying on an inflatable bed. I was blacking out and losing consciousness. He confirmed to police that his ex-partner had caused the injury,” Kerr said.

“He had a three inch deep laceration on the left side of his head, through which the skull was showing. He had multiple marks and bruises.”

Mrs Newlands, 31, who was acquitted in the still unsolved murder of Annalize Johnstone, recently gave birth to her fifth child.

Annalize Johnstone’s body was found dumped at the Maggie Wall Witch Memorial in Dunning, Perthshire in May 2018. Her throat had been slit and she suffered injuries she could not survive.

Ms Newlands was acquitted of the murder after a High Court judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to convict her of the crime.

Jordan Johnstone, who admitted carrying his dead sister’s body two miles and dumping her on the side of the road, was also acquitted of murder after the jury returned the controversial unproven verdict.

Testifying after Mrs. Newlands was acquitted at her murder trial, Johnstone framed her for the murder, telling the jury that she had blackmailed him into covering it up.

He said Newlands cut his sister’s throat with a Stanley knife after going to see the monument that marks the spot where a woman is said to have been burned as a witch in 1657.

He told the court that he remained in the car with Mrs. Newlands’ sleeping children.

He said he later carried his sister’s body for about 40 minutes before dumping it behind a wall about two miles away because he feared Mrs Newlands’ father was going to “cut my little sister to pieces and throw her away.” .

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The prosecution and defense had confirmed that Mr. Johnstone’s car was near the Maggie’s Wall memorial at the time that Ms. Johnstone was attacked. No murder weapon has been found.

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