Evil woman plotted to charge for child abuse to raise cash for house with cellar

A vile woman who sexually abused a little girl alongside two men planned to charge for child abuse so that she could raise funds for a house with a cellar.

Vicki Bevan, 37, Paul Rafferty, 52, and Tony Hutton, 42, carried out their sick fantasies by raping and abusing a young girl.

Bevan, from St Helens, also spent some time discussing with another man their desire to “kidnap, rape, torture, kill and then eat children” after sexually abusing them, Liverpool Echo reports.

Bevan filmed and captured the girl being abused and images were then shared online, which led to them being caught as the snaps were discovered on a mobile phone.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Bevan was caught out after police seized the phone from a man, not before the court, which revealed 458 pages of highly sexualized WhatsApp conversations with Bevan and explicit images.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, the Recorder of Liverpool, said: “The contents of some of those chats is truly, truly shocking. Even allowing for some people’s capacity for perversion – some of these conversations are beyond disturbing.”

In conversations later found on Bevan’s phone with other men she spoke of wanting to hurt children. Judge Menary said that in online chats with 52-year-old Rafferty they discussed abusing the child.

The court heard it was Bevan’s plan to charge for the abuse of children and then use the money to purchase a house with a cellar, where together they could carry out their plans.

Judge Menary told Bevan, who showed no emotion: “Much of this will have been sexual fantasy, however horrific… but these were not just fantasies. They became to an extent a reality.” He said the online discussions led to the serious sexual abuse of a very young child – “In other words your fantasies became a nightmare reality for her.”

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Bevan’s parents spoke of having brought her up in a loving environment and knowing right from wrong and described how their lives have “fallen apart” because of her offending. They want nothing more to do with her and the judge imposed a life long restraining order on Bevan to keep away from them.

Paul Rafferty, 52, was jailed for 10 years and further four on extended license

Bevan, of Napier Street, St Helens, pleaded guilty to a total of 34 sex offenses including one joint rape charge and five sex assaults with Rafferty and one charge of sex abuse jointly with Hutton.

Rafferty, of Fry Street, St Helens, was jailed for ten years with an extended license of four years. Hutton, 42, of Liverpool Road, St Helens, was jailed for four years.

Judge Menary ruled Bevan is a dangerous offender and given the nature of the risk she presents and the fact it cannot be reliably estimated how long she will remain a danger he said he was satisfied a sentence of life imprisonment was required. I have imposed a minimum term behind bars of ten years eight months.

He warned her that it did not mean she would then be automatically released and it was the earliest date she can apply for parole.

Martine Snowden, prosecuting, said when police seized the phone from the man it also showed images of Bevan and Rafferty raping and sexually abusing a child. After she was arrested her phone de ella was seized which showed chats with men about fantasies of sexual abusing the girl.

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Tony Hutton, 42, was jailed for four years
Tony Hutton, 42, was jailed for four years

When Hutton was arrested his phone was found to contain images of the child abuse including him abusing the girl. He pleaded guilty to one offense of sexual assault along with Bevan and three of making indecent images of children.

Rafferty pleaded guilty to one joint rape charge with Bevan, two joint sex assaults with Bevan and six of making indecent images of children. Jonathan Duffy, defending her, said Bevan understood the seriousness of her situation but urged the judge not to impose a life sentence.

He said her mental health was deteriorating at the time of the offenses following the break up of her marriage and she has since been diagnosed as bi-polar.

Defense barrister Tom Watson said Hutton, a married father-of-three, had “taken ownership” of his offending behaviour. He said the defendant and his family of him were “at a loss” to understand how after a law abiding life he had now offended.

Rafferty’s barrister Simon Christie said the defendant “accepted he deserves to be punished.” Rafferty, who has had problems with alcohol for a number of years, had contemplated suicide but decided that it was “the coward’s way out” and he knew he needed to be punished.

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