Evil sex offender who forced victims to eat raw meat from pigs’ heads is FREED from prison

An “obsessed” paedophile who forced his victims to eat raw meat from pigs’ heads has been released from prison. Colin Cooper was jailed for 18 years in July 2011 but is free after serving just over ten years. Today the father of one of his victims said: “When I had the phone call from the Probation Board I wanted to scream. My daughter is safe, but there are other children out there who are not. In my opinion he should never be released .”

Cooper, who is now 72, – formerly known, as Alan Makinson – would force his victims to eat raw meat from pigs’ heads when they tried to avoid his clutches. Manchester Crown Court heard his homes from him in Hattersley and Wythenshawe were a “magnet for children ‘-who is was’ utterly obsessed ‘with molesting in bizarre ways.

Youngsters with learning difficulties were lured into playing in his garden and plied with treats before being forced to perform sex acts on with each other and him. He tried to buy their silence with trinkets and small amounts of cash. When they attempted to escape he would lock them in rooms, block their way with his pet Alsatians, and make them eat the meat he fed them as ‘punishment’.

Cooper, of Sylvester Close, Hattersley, was jailed for 18 years at Manchester Crown Court in 2011 after being found guilty of abusing eight youngsters between 1984 and 2002, at addresses in Wythenshawe and Tameside, at an earlier trial. He had been jailed for just three years in 1986 after admitting a string of child sex crimes, including rape. He changed his name from him, moved address, and continued to prey on vulnerable youngsters.

The father of the victim, who was one of the eight youngsters he abused between 1984 and 2002, said: “In a way she has suffered far more than him over the last ten years. She has had four years of therapy, and has had mental health issues which has led to dropping out of school, self harming, trying to take her own life and becoming homeless for a while. She had to give evidence at the trial by video.”

“I did ask the Probation Board for Cooper’s new name and address but they would not give it to me. There words were ‘he has rights and we have to protect him’. I am not the kind of person who would be a vigilante, I just want to protect my daughter.Her first words when she knew he was out were ‘he will do it again’.

“My daughter is surviving, but it is a slow process. She is scared to go out at the moment, now that he has been released. He is a serial offender and should not be out.”

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson confirmed today that Cooper had been released under license.

At court in 2011, Alaric Bassano, prosecuting, told the sentencing hearing how his victims’ were plagued by flashbacks, had battled feelings of depression and guilt, struggled to trust others, and had their chances spoiled by disrupted education. One told police, ‘my life has been miserable., while another said, ‘he has wrecked my life’.

Cooper was arrested in March 2009 after a man, in his thirties, told police how he had abused 25 years earlier, and the police investigation unearthed the other victims, who had been suffering in silence. After his sentencing Detective Constable Grace Hulse, of the South Manchester Child Abuse Investigation Team, said: “It is only down to the bravery of his victims that we are able to put this man where he belongs behind bars. I believe today’s sentence demonstrates that we take allegations of sexual abuse extremely seriously and will investigate thoroughly, no matter how long ago the offenses occurred.”


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