Everything you need to know about the energy crisis if you are a Scottish Power customer


Gas and electricity bills are set to rise on April 1 as a result of the energy price cap increase. The energy price cap is the maximum amount that all UK energy suppliers can charge for each unit of gas and electricity.

Energy regulator Ofgem announced that the cap will increase by a record breaking 54%, which will mean that households will see an average annual increase of £693 added to their bills. Bills for an average household are predicted to increase from £1,277 to £1,971 as a result of the fuel cap rise, although the exact amount that bills will rise by will vary and is dependent on how much energy your household uses.

Energy firms have been contacting customers throughout the month, outlining what the changes will mean for them. Energy prices have increased following a rise in the global demand for gas as countries emerged from lockdown and have also been exacerbated by restricted gas imports from Russia.

But what does this mean if you are a customer with Scottish Power? Scottish Power is one of the big six energy companies in the UK and supplies energy to millions of homes. Here’s our guide to everything that Scottish Power customers should know about the energy crisis.

Which Scottish Power customers will be impacted?

Scottish Power customers on a standard (variable) tariff, pay as you go tariff or any default tariff will see their bills increase in line with the new energy price cap. Scottish Power has contacted these customers with full details of their new prices and what this will mean for their energy costs, along with details of the support on offer to help reduce the impact of the rising prices.

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Will any customers not be affected?

The price cap increase doesn’t apply to fixed price tariffs, so those customers will see their prices remain the same for the duration of their tariff. Once the tariff comes to an end, these customers will be moved to Scottish Power’s default tariff, unless they choose another fixed price tariff or move to another supplier.

How is Scottish Power helping its customers?

Scottish Power is offering extra help to customers who are struggling. They advise customers to check that they are on the Scottish Power tariff and payment plan that best suits them. For any customers who are struggling with their bills, Scottish Power is able to arrange a repayment plan, which lets you pay any arrears over a period of time with a regularly agreed amount based on what you’re able to afford.

The Scottish Power Hardship Fund is also available for those who are on a lower income and struggling to pay their bills. You can apply by calling the National Debtline or any other debt advice agency, who can help you to fill in your application. For those who are eligible, Scottish Power will clear all of part of your debt balance.

Scottish Power also offers help through its Priority Services Register, which provides a range of services to help you manage your energy account at no additional charge.

How you can help control your energy costs

Scottish Power has offered the following tips on how customers can manage and track their energy use, which can help to save money in the long term:

  • Install a smart meter: this will show you how much energy you are using and ensure you only pay for the energy you use. Customers can book a free installation appointment here.
  • Enter regular meter readings: if you don’t have a smart meter, it is a good idea to submit regular meter readings to ensure you only pay for the energy you use.
  • Manage your direct debit payments: those who pay by direct debit are advised to check their monthly payment amount is enough to cover their energy costs. Scottish Power offers a Direct Debit Manager tool which allows you to adjust monthly payment amounts or make one off payment.
  • Download the Scottish Power app: the app allows customers to monitor their energy usage, enter meter readings and manage payments via their phone.
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