Everything you need to know about custom jewelery designer, Edan Twena

Edan is notable for his exceptional work ethic, unique skills, and keen attention to detail. He attracts clients from different corners of the world and has made custom pieces for stars like Shay Mitchell, Marcus Stroman, and Justin Bieber’s guitarist.

Edan splits his time between Toronto, LA, Miami and goes overseas where he sources his diamonds directly from the world’s best.

Twena started working with his family’s business, which supplied wholesale jewelery to retailers. This was immediately after graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business. But he was always more fascinated by higher-end pieces, and when his friends started getting engaged, he began to get calls for custom rings. Edan then launched an Instagram account to showcase his designs, and the business took off from there.

One of Edan’s notable career highlights is creating a remarkable piece of jewelery art that was made up of 35 beautiful gold hearts on a black acrylic frame sprinkled with diamond dust. This was showcased in Miami’s Art Basel by Palm Beach Fine Gallery. Edan drew the inspiration for the piece during a trip where he was invited by a famous photographer on a business magnate’s yacht in Monaco and spent a week going along the Riviera. Edan will never forget this one-of-a-kind trip and is grateful for the remarkable experience.

Edan’s exceptional work has also seen him featured in Toronto Life, WedLuxe, and Seventeen magazine on multiple occasions.

“I like to pay attention to detail and love to find value for my clients. This is crucial in designing and creating jewelery heirlooms and sourcing the right stones. People can spend a lot of money on a diamond but ruin the ring with a poorly designed The ring is just as important. I pay close attention to the details, with the right formula for the ring’s bandwidth in millimetres about the precise diameter of the diamond is crucial for an overall beautiful design,” Edan explained.

Having started in his parents’ basement, Edan now believes that your business will definitely thrive as long as you provide value. He also states that the key is to remain consistent despite the many hurdles that might come your way. Edan also believes the freedom you gain from running your own business and being your own boss is unmatched. He finds it more fulfilling that he can now travel the world and be able to meet all his clients of him in different corners of the globe.

“My vast array of clients, from all sorts of interesting careers is one of the things I love most about my business. It is very one-on-one, and I make sure they are involved in the design process. I love meeting people and getting to know my customers, some of whom I have formed great, long-lasting friendships with. job, which was of course very rewarding to hear about my choice of career,” Edan concluded.

Find out more by heading to edandiamonds.com.


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