European leaders welcome Macron’s re-election with relief

Leaders and high-ranking government representatives from around the world have congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his re-election as President of France, according to initial estimates, through numerous messages focused, mostly on the benefit of his mandate for Europe.

The first to congratulate him was the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, who, just a few minutes after the first estimates came to light, gave his congratulations to the french president and stressed that the European Union needs a France “engaged”. “We can count on France for five more years,” he asserted.

Macron has won the second round of the elections and will become the first president of France to be re-elected in two decades after achieving 54.8% of the votes, compared to 45.2% for her rival, the far-right Marine Le Pen, with 80% of the votes counted.

Moving “France and Europe” forward

The heads of the European institutions have congratulated Macron for his victory in the French elections. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has stated through her Twitter account that she hopes to “continue our excellent cooperation” and has stressed that “Together we will move France and Europe forward.”

The President of the European Council congratulated the French President, whom he assured that “we need a strong Europe and a fully committed France with a more sovereign and strategic European Union”. In addition, Michel has indicated that “we can count on France for another five years”.

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Along the same lines, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, congratulated Macron on his “great election” at a time when the community club needs a “strong” France.

For her part, the president of the European Central Bank, Crhistine Lagarde, thanked the French for his “tireless dedication”, which has indicated that “it will be very necessary to address the challenges we are facing in Europe”.

“Democracy wins. Europe wins”

Europe’s top leaders have also been quick to congratulate the liberal Macron. The Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, has affirmed through Twitter that with the election of the Frenchman, the French have chosen commit to “a free, strong and fair EU”. “Democracy wins. Europe wins.. Congratulations, Emmanuel Macron,” he said.

From Germany, the chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has considered that the result of the elections in France is a message from the voters in favor of “a strong commitment to Europe”. “I am glad that we are continuing our good cooperation”, admitted the chancellor, who has been the Macron’s first international contact after his victory in the elections. Elysee sources have reported that Scholz has called the Frenchman to congratulate him and have stressed that the call is a reflection of Franco-German friendship.

The president of the Italian Council of Ministers, Mario Draghi, has also joined the congratulations to Macron, who has described the Frenchman’s victory as a “excellent news for all of Europe”as well as the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, who considered that “in the difficult times” that Europe is going through it is “fundamental” to have France.

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For his part, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed that “France is one of our closest and most important allies.” “I hope that let us continue collaborating on the issues that most concern our countries and to the world.”

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