Escapologist Prime Minister is not a goner yet – Record View

Arch-Brexiteers such as Steve Baker MP know a thing or two about getting rid of a prime minister.

So when a previously loyal minister, swept along on Boris Johnson’s coat-tails into office, says “the gig’s up”, the writing ought to be on the wall for Boris Johnson.

As far as the country is concerned the party has been over for some time.

The rule-breaking PM is held in contempt by the public. In polls, an overwhelming majority think he lied about lockdown parties in Downing Street and should be out on his ear.

But removing a Prime Minister is not easy feat.

Tory MPs cannot be convinced to vote to defend him, which is why Labour’s motion to have his Partygate claims investigated went through the Commons unopposed yesterday.

But neither can they be convinced to vote against him. They are probably some way short of the 54 votes required to trigger a party no-confidence motion.

That is because they have no one suitable to replace Johnson having seen one replacement, Rishi Sunak, implode in a non-dom, tax avoidance scandal.

Knowing when this Prime Minister is not telling the truth ought to be easy – it happens when his lips are moving.

But providing it in the privileges committee, now dominated by four votes to two by the Conservatives, will not be straightforward, and getting the Commons to back any recommendation will not be easy either.

In Westminster it felt like the see-saw career of Boris Johnson was reaching another tipping point yesterday.

But he is a cunning operator and no matter how many knives in his back he cannot be written off yet.

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End the suffering

Seven months ago a Record front page photo of an elderly woman lying on the floor of her house shamed the Scottish Government into action on the ambulance crisis.

They invested more money and called in the Army to help.

Today a similar image of another elderly woman shows the situation is as bad as ever again.

This time it took the ambulance service seven hours to get Sheila Bruce to hospital with a fractured shoulder.

Days later she had a heart attack and died, leaving her husband bereft.

The Scottish Ambulance Service has promised a full review of the case but how many more elderly people are going to suffer before action is taken?

The Scottish Government must address the problems facing our ambulance service as a matter of urgency.

Nothing is more important than protecting the well-being, comfort and dignity of our most sick and vulnerable people.

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