Errol Spence Jr. batters and pummels Yordenis Ugas to win third welterweight title

Errol Spence retains IBF/WBC belts and adds WBA title

Spence def. Ugas via TKO by doctor’s stoppage at 1:44 of the tenth round.

Spence-Ugas; Round 9

Spence comes out for the ninth and walks right back to the inside, and blasting strikes every which way. Clubbing right hooks for Spence. A stinging right hook by Spence. Body shot from Ugas. Those have been too far and few in between. (10-9 Spence, 88-83 Spence)

Spence-Ugas; Round 8

Spence rips the body. Ugas with a left. Spence starts walking down as he unloads power shot after power shot, leaving Ugas’ eye nearly swollen shut. A three-punch combination from Spence. The referee steps in and sends Ugas to the ringside doctor to check on his right eye as it’s nearly swollen shut. The doctor says he’s ok to go.

Spence continues the assault with uppercuts. Exchange of body shots. Ugas’ eye is becoming target practice. (10-9 Spence, 78-74 Spence)

Spence-Ugas; Round 7

A left-hand hurts Ugas. Spence is pouncing on the opportunity as he unloads a series of hard lefts. Ugas is trying to survive. Ugas pounds a right to the body. Spence with three straight rights to the body. Ugas stuns Spence with a right. A left to the body and then uppercut by Spence. Great bounceback round for Spence. (10-9 Spence, 68-65 Spence)

Spence-Ugas; Round 6

Spence is clicking as he continues to unload. In a stunning turn of events, a right hand sends Spence back to the ropes and is in trouble. Another shot sends the mouthpiece out of his mouth from him. Ugas needs to take advantage here. Another right uppercut stops Spence in his tracks. Spence with a left uppercut. Ugas fires back and pushes Spence back. Spence goes with a right-left to the body. I have never seen Spence in that kind of trouble. (10-9 Ugas, 58-56 Spence)

Spence-Ugas; Round 5

Left uppercut, right-hand starts the fifth for Spence. Double uppercut for Spence. A body shot and a left hook for Ugas. He’s still in it. Body shot and a left hook for Ugas. Spence comes back with a combination. Right hand over the top moves Spence back to the ropes. Right uppercut, left hook for Ugas. Spence fires back with a left and Ugas a right. Good action fight. (10-9 Spence, 49-46 Spence)

Spence-Ugas; Round 4

A double uppercut to begin the fourth for Spence. Right to the body by Ugas. Left uppercut finds a home for Spence. Body shot from Ugas, but Spence fires one to the body of his own. Straight left and a left to the body for Spence. He’s in a rhythm. (10-9 Spence, 38-36 Spence)

Spence-Ugas; Round 3

Stiff left by Spence. But Ugas comes back with a hard right. Spence unloads a combination. It does not deter Ugas, who continues his body work from him. Right hook stops Spence in his tracks and follows with two straight lefts. Left hook lands for Ugas. They go toe-to-toe at the end of the round. Good action. (10-9 Spence, 28-27 Spence)

Spence-Ugas; Round 2

Like the first, an exchange of jabs to begin the round. Double jab and a left hand upstairs from Spence. Sharp one-two combination from Spence. Body work from both guys. Left from Spence, but a right from Ugas stops Spence for a moment. Hard right to the body from Ugas. Close round. (10-9 Spence, 19-19)

Spence-Ugas; Round 1

An exchange of jabs to the body. Spence pawing the jab. A quadruple jab from Spence. A right to the body from Ugas. Good counter left to the body from Ugas. Overhand to the head by Ugas. He’s looking sharp early. Spence with a jab, but Ugas counters with a left hook to end the round. (10-9 UG)

Time for Spence vs. ugh

It’s time for the main event as IBF/WBC champion Errol Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) meets WBA (super) titlist Yordenis Ugas (27-4, 12 KOs).

All the talking is done. It’s time to see who walks out of AT&T Stadium with three of the four welterweight titles.

Isaac Cruz makes a statement

cross def. Gamboa via TKO at 1:32 of the fourth round.

Cruz battered Gamboa from the opening bell, dropping him three times in as many rounds. Then, halfway through the fourth, Cruz ducked down and landed a left hook followed immediately by an overhand right to nearly send Gamboa through the ropes.

A great bounceback win for Cruz as he overcame the loss to Gervonta Davis.

Ryan Garcia vs. Isaac Cruz anyone?

Somehow Gamboa survives another round

Cruz’s been pounding Gamboa from pillar to post. Near the end of the third round, he nearly sent Gamboa through the ropes with his best left hook of the night to drop Gamboa for the third time. Gamboa pops right up and makes it to the bell. He doesn’t know when to quit. His corner of him needs to seriously consider getting him out of there.

Gamboa back down in the third

A feint by Cruz led to him blasting a flush left hook to send Gamboa to the mat for the second time. But, again, Gamboa gets up and makes it through the round.

Down goes Gamboa

After nearly dropping Gamboa in the opening seconds of the fight, Cruz almost closed the show with little time remaining in the second when he landed a left, a right, and a barrage to send the Cuban to the canvas. Gamboa makes it to the bell but is in severe trouble.

Co-main event time

It’s time for the co-main event as Isaac Cruz (22-2-1, 15 KOs) squares off against Yuriorkis Gamboa (30-4, 18 KOs) in lightweight action. Cruz returns for the first time since a narrow decision loss to Gervonta Davis at the beginning of December.

Yordenis Ugas arrives into enemy territory

Jose Valenzuela starches Francisco Vargas

Valenzuela def. Vargas via knockout at 1:25 of the first round.

Valenzuela promised a knockout and he lived up to the guarantee. Vargas was pawing with the jab, and Valenzuela unleased a looping left hook, followed by a short right to snap Vargas’ head against the canvas. That was all the referee needed to see to stop it.

Valenzuela’s now knocked out seven of his last opponents. So if you don’t know the name, now you do.

Time for the lightweights

Next at Spence vs. Ugas is Francisco Vargas (27-3-2, 19 KOs) facing off with Jose Valenzuela (11-0, 7 KOs). Looking forward to seeing Valenzuela as he’s a high-octane fighter.

The hometown kid is in the building

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